Babies/Kids & Heaven


I have a niece coming any day now. My brother and his wife are going to be having their first child. I posted a prayer request for the baby and her parents in the prayer forum. I’m kinda confused about something. I know that God will take care of her as a baby should anything happen to her. This is where I get to my concern. My brother and his wife don’t go to church. What happens if something happens when she is 7? **Will she go to heaven? **

I am going to try to watch her some so I can take her to Church with me. It breaks my heart that she won’t be in Church all the time. I figure when they hear free babysitter they will be more than willing to let me watch her. I was going to start a book box at my apartment with God type books. I already picked up some Bible story books for her. I wish they would even consider getting her baptized but I know that this isn’t going to happen. I guess I feel responsible to tell her about how WONDERFUL, SUPER, GREAT and AMAZING God is!!


[quote=keri6789]What happens if something happens when she is 7? **Will she go to heaven? **

We trust always in God’s mercy.


Amen to that.

Keri, bless you for taking such an interest in your niece’s spiritual development. My aunt is the one who took me to Mass every Sunday, which kept Jesus and His Church close to my heart. You will be such a great influence on your niece! :thumbsup:


I pray that I will.


God has already planned for her spiritual growth…He put you in her life.

You are His instrument, as we all are. We just don’t all get to see it in such obvious ways.

Don’t worry. God loves each hair on her head more than you can hope to love her. He will provide for her soul.


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