Babies made without mothers 'will come sooner than we think', leading scientists warn after study discovered how to make embryos from skin cells


Babies made without mothers could come sooner than we think, leading biologists claim.

Late last year, a team at the University of Bath discovered that sperm and skin cells - or any other kind of non-egg cell - might be all you need for conception.

At the time, they said the scenario of men conceiving with men was ‘speculative and fanciful’.

But in a new report published today, the top embryologists at Harvard and Brown Universities urge nations to begin contemplating the legal minefield that would surround mother-less babies.

‘With science and medicine hurtling forward at breakneck speed, the rapid transformation of reproductive and regenerative medicine may surprise us,’ they write.



The fruits of the secular humanist cesspool that is academia…


Just what society needs right now, motherless babies! :frowning:






On the upside this implies an artificial womb may become a reality one day. That in and of itself would make abortions difficult to justify.


Just one more strike against women and motherhood. I’m deeply saddened.


Believe me, they’ll have their excuses. The abortion business in American alone is several hundred million dollars that no doubt involves lucrative connections to politicians.

Think that’ll go away just for moral reasons?


What will happen to these motherless babies?


It’s very obvious this is just an attempt to subvert the nuclear family. No doubt this has massive support from technocrat and government elites looking to appease marginal groups.

The babies, of course, are already expendable in their worldview and that won’t change with this.


Article doesn’t mention artificial wombs. IVF embryos are surgically implanted into women’s uteruses.


This is horrible and is an assault on the sanctity of human life.


I don’t think anything in the article implies this. Regardless, the more compartmentalized and un-whole-ly we are, the easier it is to deny the sanctity and sacredness of life. To divorce reproduction from pregnancy would be to further compartmentalize and de-humanize our lives and our society as a whole.


While it may (disgustingly) be possible, I find it hard to be believe that it’s very likely to happen. At least to happen more than in an extremely tiny number of cases (which, I admit, is bad enough). It’s abundantly clear that the act of procreation is something the vast majority of people find very fulfilling emotionally and/or physically, (just to judge from reading all the threads here, any daily newspaper you care to name, etc, never mind personal experience), and the mere possibility of growing children from skin cells isn’t really going to leave people wanting, effectively, less sex.


True, but the logical extension of all of these developments will one-day see artificial wombs. Consider that the age at which a baby is viable has decreased over the decades. Eventually it will get incredibly close to zero.

Also consider that beef was grown in vitro, without the rest of the cow 3 years ago. The ability to grow any creature in vitro can’t be far off.
Burger without a cow:


The moment sanctity of life was abandoned opened the floodgates of hell to justify all sorts of abominable practices.

People are now trying to create human:animal hybrid embryos for “research”. Still not legal but it’s in the “works”…


Does that at least mean that we would never have to hear from insufferable animal rights activists? In all seriousness, if we really can get meat without having to kill them, I could be in favor of it. Is it at least ethical with an animal?


Someone should tell them “A Brave New World” is not a how-to guide.


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