Babies saved by Toronto sidewalk counsellors

Babies saved by Toronto sidewalk counsellors
Pro-life sidewalk counselling continues throughout the year in Toronto
“I’ve changed my mind. I want to keep this baby!”
On the morning of February 17 2010, Day 1 of the bi-annual 40 Days For Life campaign, those were the words shared with an absolute sense of relief by a pregnant young woman exiting the Lawrence Avenue abortion facility in Toronto.

She said it to a side walk counselor, whom we will call Dave, with whom she had spoken on her way into The Women’s Care Clinic abortuary. She had scheduled an abortion that morning, but on her way into the clinic, she stopped to talk with a pro-life side walk counselor who offered her some information. Dave only spoke to her briefly about the fact that she was carrying a little baby inside her who would die if she carried on with the scheduled abortion. About an hour later, while still praying for the woman and her baby, Dave watched her leave the abortuary. Because it was so early, he instantly knew his prayers had been answered. She walked over to him and explained she could not go through with the abortion and wanted to keep her baby.

This is just one of the many stories of lives saved by the Toronto sidewalk counselling team at Lawrence & Dufferin during the 40 Days For Life campaigns that occur twice per year. Nicole Campbell, a full time employee of Campaign Life Coalition, and its Coordinator of 40 Days For Life, estimated that since the campaigns began in 2007

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