Babies thrown in the garbage


This morning news made me puke. Two babies where found this morning in two different cities in plastic bags in the garbabge bins. They were found by some normal people who wanted to put out their trash, saw them and called the police.

The parents of one baby were found. The woman had the baby at home and then the boyfriend put it in a plastic bag and took it to garbage. They say the baby was born dead however i don't understand why they were throwing away also the clothes in which the woman gave birth. And even if he was dead i believe children are not garbage. The autopsy will tell the thruth.

The second child they don't know yet who the parents are.

here is the link however it is not in english.

This is the most disgusting thing i ever heard in all my life.


I am not able to read Romanian, however these incidents seem to have taken place in the cities of Bucharest and Bacau. Its horrible that so little regard is had for the lives or bodies of these babies. Determining whether the newborns were alive when abandoned or whether they had been deliberately killed, of course, is important. But even if the child had died naturally, disposing its body as trash is deeply disturbing.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens more than we would think. A quick check of Google News shows several such incidents getting recent coverage in the US or Canada:


Satan thinks he is winning the battle. This happens all the time, all over the world. The mentality of babies being an accident or a punishment, or that one gender is more valuable than the other, causes all sorts of atrocities.

It is not unusual here either. And that’s just the ones that are discovered.


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