Baby Any Day Now....Prayer Request


As I said in another thread…our first is on her way. We are “due” probably the first part of September (if our charting is accurate). Anyway, we are going natural and using a midwife, so please pray for us. We have been working hard to get “ready” in all aspects. We will definitely offer up this experience for the sins of our world, especially anti-life sins.


Prayers for you …

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Sending prayers your way during what will be one of the most amazing and miraculous experiences in your life! Our Lord’s loving arms will be around you, your wife, and your wonderful new little baby through it all, no matter what.
I found in “getting ready” for our first baby’s arrival, everyone tended to concentrate just on the delivery and birth itself, but it was the actual day-to-day activities after the birth that I could have used more advice and education on!!! Rest up now while you’re able to!
Natural childbirth is a beautiful experience for you both as a couple and your baby, and it is definitely not as uncomfortable as some would have us believe. I found it much less disturbing than the thought of having a needle inserted in my spine as an anesthetic - and the possible life-long side effects for the mother if she flinches or moves during the process!
You sound like you must be an extremely supportive husband who will make a terrific Daddy, so keep up the great work!
Prayers and God’s love with all three of you.


Praying for you and your little one. :gopray:

God bless!


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