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I have a young baby, she's 3 months old. Since she was born, I haven't been to Mass. I am really missing Mass from my life, I am missing that closeness with Jesus, I would really like to go to Mass tomorrow.

As I am quite new at practising the faith etc I am a little unsure about taking my little one with me. I have never really seen a young baby at my church. My husband works away from home and my family don't live in this area, so really I do need to take her with me.

Is it ok to take her? or a definite no?
If anyone else has done this, did they take their pushchair or just carry baby? Sorry if these seem like strange questions, I don't want to draw unnecessary attention to myself, but I really want to go and be with Jesus at Mass.

Thanks :) :cool:


go to mass,if the little one starts to really screaming,step outside.sit in the back so you an to the priest,possibly he can introduce you to another mother who can help who is going thru the same struggles.whatever you do,go to mass.i will pray for you.:gopray2:god bless you and congratulations on the birth.


Go to Mass and take your baby with you. If she starts crying or being disruptive to other people, take her outside for a bit or use the cry room.


It's quite normal to take young babies to Mass here in the United States. Some people just hold them, some bring the baby along in an infant carrier, some use a sling, and in churches that have enough room they might even come with a pushchair (as you call it). If the baby makes too much of a fuss then the baby is carried to the narthex or even outside (weather permitting) until such time as the baby calms down.

I would think the things are quite similar in the UK.


I highly encourage you to take your child to Mass with you.


Bring you baby to mass. We have brought both our children since they were two weeks old. Just be prepared to take them to the back if they become loud and disturb the mass.


Take your baby with you and at the first sign of fussiness or crying, step outside until she calms down and then return. You will want to bring some sort of seat with you to place the baby in during Mass to leave your hands free, and you also might want to bring a bottle of formula or juice in case she gets hungry. Many parishes here in the US offer some kind of nursery service during Mass, you can call and check to see if yours does. I hope it goes well, but if it doesn't, don't let stop you from trying again next week. Babies do what they want to do!


Well, there's Mark chapter 10...

And I do know of more than one saint that came to faith crying and screaming. :D

In the East (atleast in the churches that I have attended) children are a vital part of the church. During the gospel reading, parents take them up to kiss the Bible, and then they all sit around the priest or deacon as he reads. It gives me a warm fuzzy. Even if minutes earlier they were shrieking high enough to vibrate my fillings a few minutes earlier.


My wife and I have teens that are happy to come to mass. We always got there early and sat in the front row even when it is one of the last pews to fill. The young ones quickly adapt and start paying attention in just a few teens of months.

Today we love to hear all the babies and see all the 4 year old to 4th graders go to the children's homily and so does our Pastor it's a great sign of a growing parish.

Our children rarely went to the children's liturgy they liked to stay with us in the well known and comforting place of that front pew. Start good habits early and make them a very consistent part of their lives.


In the words of Jesus: "Let the little children come to me"

Bring your baby to mass.
Carry your baby up with you when you go to Holy Communion.
(staying away from mass because you are looking after the baby is not a sin - it's explicitly stated to be a valid reason - , so you don't need to confess)

In many parishes the priest or Deacon will give your baby a blessing. (however this is somewhat controversial - lets not start an argument about that point on here)

If you breastfeed your baby this can be a useful way of keeping her quiet if she becomes upset in mass... But make sure you keep covered up.
My wife has an open weave poncho she uses for this purpose, combined with properly designed breastfeeding tops.
If you Bottle feed... bring a fresh, warm bottle made up and warmed as close to immediately before mass as possible (or even in the parish kitchen after you arrive if you have access). Keep it in an insulated bag. Discard it if you don't use it within the appropriate time limit.

My wife and I like to sit with easy access to a side Isle, but in the front 3rd of the church. being by the side isle we can discretely nip to the hall at the back of the church if we need to.
We have a 4 month old and a 2 year old.

In terms of other issues: if your Husband is away a lot there may be specific women or family ministries at your parish that can help lend you some support: Spiritual, social, and practical.
The most obvious examples I can think of would be
the Womens Circle run by the Opus Dei
The Dames of St. Colombus (female equivalent of the Knights)
Couples For Christ (A charismatic family based community)
the National Association of Catholic Families

There are many many more, and also some parishes run their own unaffiliated programmes.

Ask your parish priest what is available in your area


Of course you can bring her!

Use common sense. If she's not settling, take her to the back/cry room/outside until she is settled. It's fine to feed a baby a bottle/nurse at mass, do your best to be discreet. I've spent many a mass rocking/pacing with baby in the back, as she would be quiet, and I could still hear and sing.

When going up for communion, keep an arm over her chest so she can't reach for the host, and receive on tongue. I find that easiest.

I've never seen anyone bring a stroller. I've seen some bring them in those infant carrier things (we bought the convertible car seats for our kids, so didn't use those).


Thank you for your question. Come to Mass and bring your baby! You are both children of God and most welcome! Easy maybe for me to say since it's been many years since my kids were babies, so my good wishes are with you! :)


Bring the baby! Sit near the front, why, the child will be able to see and hear better. Yes there will be times of frustration for you, and those around you, but hang in there. If we are truly a prolife people all should embrace the child with tollerance.
We were once in your place a few years ago, and eventualy those who would complain about the child and their sounds came to enjoy them as what they really are, gifts from a loving and caring God. Jesus said to bring the children, not to leave them at home. Congratulations!


Love that Uncle Henry, " If we are truly a prolife people all should embrace the child with tollerance.":thumbsup:


The 10:00 A.M.Mass in our Parish is the Family Mass -- many people bring their babies or children of all ages -- our former Pastor used to tell the congregation that if they didn't like the babies being there or if it was too noisy for them they could attend another Mass.
We didn't take our boys until they were about 3 or 4 -- in those days (many years ago) they had the altar rails and kneelers --one Sunday I'll never forget because when my husband and I came back to the pew after Communion all the people around our boys were laughing -- do you think the boys told us what they had done??? Of course not -- but I would love to "live" those days again!!!


Take your precious baby!:wink:


Some babies are very content at Mass, and some, well, not as much. But if she by chance is cranky tomorrow, don't get discouraged. Several of my friends who bring their babies to Mass have said it took them several weeks to develop their "system." Where is the easiest place to sit, which toy keeps her most content, etc. And, if she's fussy during Mass, don't worry about disturbing people. My mom always says, "it's always cute when it's someone else's kid."

Let us know how it goes!


Definitely bring her! Sit in the front so she can see what's going on, but at the end of the pew so you can make a quick escape if necessary. If she gets fussy and loud, bring her to the cry room or outside, even, if the weather is good, and calm her down and come back in. Bring a couple of soft toys if she likes to grab things. Don't be afraid to breastfeed or give her a bottle during Mass. Ignore the glares or comments by those around you, if there are any.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! We only bite sometimes…:p


Yes please bring your baby to Mass.


go to Mass. If she fusses, nurse her. :slight_smile:

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