Baby Baptism

After 15 years of infertility, we’re due to have our first baby in October. When is the appropriate time to baptize our son? We’d like to baptize as soon as possible and were wondering if there is such a thing as baptizing too early. Thanks and God bless!


The Church recommends baptizing in the first few weeks after birth. Now would be the perfect time to call your parish and arrange for Baptismal Preparation. Then when the baby’s born all you need to do is call and arrange for a date.

No there isn’t such a thing as baptising too early.

I don’t want to put a downer on anything, but remember you need to be prepared for every eventuality. So if it looks like the babe is in any trouble during the birth, remember that you or anyone else can do an emergency baptism provided you can touch any part of the child’s body and there’s any possibility it is alive.

This can be done by applying water and saying ‘(NAME), I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’.

Congrats, and prayers on a safe delivery. Nothing wrong with contacting you parish now and getting everything in order, anytime within the first month is best.

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