Baby born to mother who had been brain-dead for four months


Healthy boy born by caesarean section after mother had a brain haemorrhage in February

A baby has been born in Portugal almost four months after his mother was declared brain-dead.

The boy, who weighed 5lb 3oz (2.4kg), was delivered by caesarean section at Lisbon’s São José hospital at 32 weeks, after his mother, 37, suffered a brain haemorrhage on 20 February.

The decision to continue with the pregnancy was made in consultation with the father.

“The foetus appeared to be in good health,” the hospital said in a statement. “The decision was taken with the family to follow through with the pregnancy.”

Luis Graça, head of the Portuguese Society of Obstetricians, said the birth was “an extraordinary feat”.

It is the longest a child has survived in the womb in Portugal after a mother has been declared brain-dead.


Thanks for sharing this modern miracle! And kudos to the doctors who didn’t give up. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Amazing. God bless that baby!


God’s love for the mother and her baby.


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