Baby boy raised as a girl, attracted to girls....lesbian or not?


Part of the problem with LGBT issues is that the LG, B and T are really entirely separate issues that are lumped together by activists. Worse, even the LG experience is NOT homogenous as different people experience SSA for different reasons. There simply is not a neat and tidy answer for why all these things happen, except the general answer that the fall of man had both spiritual AND physical effects that are felt to this day.

We do not know the reasons for why these things occur. Research is needed, but it is a particularly hard thing to do traditional science on so research results are prone to manipulation and misinterpretation.

I think the most solid science is DNA at this stage. Arguments about brian physiology and hormone makeup seem shakier to me so far. If the body is clearly male, but the person thinks he is female, there is a brain or psychological issue.

If the body and DNA are truly indeterminate, that is a hard case. We’ve had posters here at times who claimed to be in this category. In such cases, there IS no real “fix” this side of heaven.

But the attitude we need to have towards any of these folks is one of compassion. Nobody asks for this, nobody chooses it. We’ve gotten good at accepting and helping alcoholics without enabling their demons. We need to cultivate the same sort of support for those suffering sexual identity dysfunctions. Yeah, I said dysfunction. Every alcoholic I know has had to learn to deal with the label and after a time they discover that it is NOT the mark of Cain, just another of life’s obstacles that must be hurdled. The same can happen for LGBT problems as soon as our society discards this foolish experiment in encouraging and enabling self-destructive behavior.


I agree. When I was a child I had a male friend, who had a sex change to become a woman 25 years ago. Sadly, she feels just as strongly now, that she should become male once again. Why can’t people be encouraged and supported to simply accept themselves the way they were born? God does!

It’s so simple. Sex between one man and one woman can produce a child. In a loving and committed marriage, that same child is nurtured and raised by both biological parents. Everyone says they want what’s best for their child. Are they really behaving in the child’s best interest?

God gave us free will. That means we can make all kinds of choices, good, bad or somewhere in between. Sex, sex, sex… and more sex. When will people realize we can live quite well without sex. We can’t however, live without love.

The peace of Jesus Christ is the substance of inner healing. Receiving it becomes a very personal journey. Once we have the peace of Jesus Christ, we come to know exactly what is wrong and exactly what is right within our lives. Does it really matter what everybody else says is right or wrong? We all answer to God and not each other. Blessings



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