Baby captured smiling in the womb by ultrasound


Little bundle of joy Leo David Hargreaves could just be the cheeriest baby in the country, according to his parents.

Not only does the five month-old smile all the time, he’s been smiling since before he was born.

A 4D ultrasound scan, taken when Leo’s mother, Amy Cregg, was 31 weeks’ pregnant, clearly shows him grinning from ear-to-ear.


Aww bless him and his parents. What a true gift from god!!:love:


Praise God!


The beauty of God’s creation.


Awww such a beautiful picture.

Two more things. Hopefully parents who are thinking of doing an abortion see this an have a change of heart.

Next thing, praise be to God for this.


I am crying with joy and supplication. Please oh Please dear Lord let those contemplating abortion see this page and realize their baby is… their BABY even before birth!:crossrc::gopray2:


Beautiful!!! :slight_smile: Thanks for posting this!


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