Baby Cord Blood Donations

My daughter is pregnant and due to have her baby within a few weeks. I have an acquaintance, who told me that women who have babies should donate the blood from the umbilical cords of their healthy babies so that others may live. I read a website about this and it touched my heart. Young women athletes are at risk of dying unless they find a match for the blood in the umbilical cords of normal healthy babies.

Would this be acceptable according to the Church for my daughter to donate the blood from her healthy baby’s umbilical cord so that others might live? I am praying that it is acceptable to the Church. Her baby, at least so far according to her doctors, she should be a normal birth. It touched me to think her normal baby could also save another person and what a joy it would be for another mother to know her child (no matter how old he/she is) would live because of this beautiful and healthy child.

Please advise on the morality of such a donation.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure this falls into the realm of organ donation which is perfectly acceptable in the Church.

I would check into the agency to make sure they aren’t going to use any part for anything immoral. Also consider saving it for her own baby in the future. You never know what illness might arrive and these cells could come in handy. It’s pretty expensive , though.

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I’ve done it with all my babies, it’s perfectly fine with the Church. (I can’t think of any instance where the recipients could do anything “immoral” with it. It’d either be used for someone who needs the stem cells or for research-research that will hopefully make “embryonic stem cell research” obsolete. What could be the problem?). She could also store it (called “banking”), but that will cost her monthly (or yearly? I’m not sure, as I’ve never done it) storage fees.

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Personally I have no clue about the “legality” (according to the church) of such a donation, but it seems to me that such a donation would be a supreme act of giving of one’s self, in the same vein as organ donation, as earlier suggested by “bnbkaine”.

There has been some research using cord blood cells for cloning.

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