"Baby Dedication" attendance allowed?

My son has left the Church and is planning a “baby dedication” for his soon-to-be-born daughter. I read one suggested ceremony format on the Internet which stated that the named grandparents commit to helping raise the child toward Christ. I don’t object to this end, although I would prefer a Catholic baptism. Is it permissable to attend this ceremony given the nature of the commitment?

Although you cannot promise to help raise a child in a faith not your own, you can attend as a guest and witness an event in which the parents promise to dedicate the child to the Lord. If you are concerned that your son expects you, as a grandparent, to commit to the child’s non-Catholic faith formation, ask him what his church’s service entails. If it entails such a commitment, perhaps both of you should consult with his pastor and request that you not be asked during the ceremony to make a pledge to help form the child in this non-Catholic Christian tradition.

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