Baby dies during baptism

not really Catholic but Orthodox

That is tragic. Absolutely awful.

the priest who performed the baptism is being investigated for manslaughter.

I say this with all due respect;
It is sad that he is being investigated for murder when hundreds of mothers selfishly end their children’s lives via abortion everyday.

I hope yahoo blocked comments on this story (i’m afraid to look).

Just on a more trivial point from the original article, what is ‘the Orthodox religion?’. A more intelligent way to phrase that would have been to say in the Christian tradition Orthodoxy is part of or similar as I was not aware the Orthodox were following another faith.

This sounds like a tragic accident sadly and most uncommon. Btw I looked up Moldova’s abortion statistics - they have actually generally been on a downwards slide for the last twenty years or so. They had a small rise last year - the total was just under 16,000 reported abortions. That’s still enormous though considering the population is less than 4 million. But in the 1980s and early 90’s it was nearer 80-000 to 90,000 most years. I suspected that might be the case as all the former USSR republics had ridiculously high abortion rates towards the end of the Soviet Union and just after it collapsed as people were concerned there was no way of providing for any children.

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