Baby-faced boy is father at 13

Baby-faced boy is father at 13

May God take care of this family. I regret that this became news. A wiser course would seem to have quietly absorbed the child into the family as public exposure gives a kind of affirmation to children having babies. It rewards behaviour that shouldn’t occur. It also casts shadows on the possibility of a normal life to the 13 year old or the baby.

I knew a 14-year-old father. You can’t judge by the face alone how mature a child’s body is. Some kids are well into puberty when they look like they belong in elementary school, and some are really prepubescent when they’re taller than their own dads and have strong features and low voices. And of course being a father or mother doesn’t take away the fact that this is really a child. Sometimes children have children. The best thing to do is have the babies fostered while the young parents finish some of their own growing up, and visit and watch and learn to parent, and then let the young moms and dads take over when they’re more mature.

I think the newspaper is exploiting this young couple. Yes, it shouldn’t be in the press. Such young people having babies isn’t even news. I know a couple women who gave birth when they were 13.

It’s surprising that we don’t hear about more cases like this given the media’s obsession with promoting sexual behavior of all kinds and at all ages. The same media that appears to be castigating this young couple greatly contributes to an environment that encourages sexual activity outside of marriage.

[quote=Father of 9]The same media that appears to be castigating this young couple greatly contributes to an environment that encourages sexual activity outside of marriage.

You just hit the nail on the head.

He looks so young. :blush: I hope they get a lot of support from their families.

Encourages & profits from:(

I was about to post this! Is this for real?! A little kid with a kid?? Jeez, I can believe someone that young is having sex. What ever happened to morals…

Another tragedy related to the sexualization of youth at younger and younger ages. I was going to post the article from The Sun, but decided to wait for another source to verify. I didn’t have to wait long.

U.K. boy becomes father at 13, newspaper says

Baby-faced and only 4 feet tall, he was 12 when he impregnated girl, 14
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LONDON - He’s 13. He scarcely looks 10. And according to a British tabloid, he’s a father.

Baby-faced and only 4 feet tall, the boy, Alfie Patten, was just 12 when he impregnated Chantelle, now 15, The Sun reported Friday. Shown in a video posted Friday on the tabloid’s Web site, the diminutive Alfie takes the newborn girl in his arms.

Asked what he would do to support the child financially, Alfie asks in a small, high-pitched voice, “What’s financially?” …

Full article:

I know a 16 year old girl who had a kid without being married. The family is poor and both her and her mother work as domestic servants.

An aunt of mine, who’s a practising Catholic (although she doesn’t agree with everything that the Bible or the church says), said one day that the girl’s mother should have expelled her from home when she got pregnant.

Through the work that I do, I actually know a lot of 16 year olds that have babies. I’ve seen 15 year olds with babies. I recently had a referral come through for two 13-year-olds that recently had a baby.

I overheard a coworker saying that the reason that her 15-year-old client had had a baby in the toilet was because they family was probably “really Catholic” and didn’t believe in birth control. :mad:

It’s sad, though I am glad that they gave their children the opportunity to live. On the flipside, I have seen the number of abortions that these women have had because they are written on the referrals. Just this week I saw that one teenager had already had two. I highly doubt that all of these young women really know what an abortion is…it’s a sad world we live in.

Would Christ have done that would have been my response to that silly statement.

Exactly. That reaction leads to more abortions than any other individual cause. If you want to prevent an abortion, you have to support the mother. Why on earth would you kick them out of the house???

It appears that the 13-year old may not be the father after all. The situation isn’t much improved, though. It speaks volumes about the general lack of morality in large segments of the world community.

Excerpt from the story from the link below:

"…Two other teenagers have told the News of the World that they could have fathered the child.

Both Richard Goodsell, 16, and Tyler Barker, 14, said they had slept with Chantelle at around the time she would have become pregnant, and claimed that she also had several other sexual partners.

Richard, who alleged to the paper he stayed in Chantelle’s bed with the consent of her parents Penny and Steve, and without using any contraception, said he plans to demand a DNA test is carried out. …

Got a source for that? I agree that the idea of kicking her out is appalling and uncharitable, but I’d like to see that statement about causes substantiated.

Sometimes children have children.

Which is the result of children having sex.

Hyperbole. Sorry.


I have heard from numerous people that The Sun is not a reliable newspaper. Perhaps this story is false.

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