Baby Finaly Arrived


Eleanor Therese was born on 7/10 10:05pm 7lbs 14oz. My wife and I wanted to thank you all for your advice and well wishes the last nine months.




CONGRATULATIONS, mkipp!!! I am so happy for you! :blessyou:


What a beautful name!! [SIGN]Wishing the best to you and your family!!![/SIGN]

Also, asking St. Therese for her intercession! (she’s my patron :D)


Congratulations!! What a beautiful name she has!


Awww! Congrats! :thumbsup:


Congratulations :slight_smile:

Your baby’s name is beautiful. Eleanor is such an elegant name and reminds me of Eleanor Roosevelt, a truly amazing lady, while Therese stands for St. Therese de Lisieux, a wonderful saint :smiley:

I wish you happiness with your little one!


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