Baby gets run over by train

Amazing pictures. If this doesn’t make the mother gives thanks to the lord nothing will.

Don’t worry if you feel you couldn’t stand seeing film it is a little dramatic. it truely is a miracle that the baby only suffered what it did.

It’s God’s “Ha!” to the Death Train philosophical question.

The accompanying article was sort of vague…so the baby survived? Praise GOD!!!

Yes. The baby suffered only a very slight bruise to the head. Other than that it was totaly unharmed.

Praise be to God! I saw this on tv & it is incredible. I’m surprised they are not showing it more on tv because it is so incredible- but it is probably just too intense. Mom almost falls too. Her angel was busy also…:angel1:

It seems if you’re going to get by a train this week is the week to do it.

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