Baby Jesus will help us

I just have to share this story because I think it will encourage all the people who find so many discouraging things here in the Popular Media section of CAF.

My daughter is a professional stage manager. She’s currently working as stage manager with a new musical written by a Tony-award winning writer, and directed by a Tony-award winning director. Everyone working on the play is terribly excited because they have high hopes that this show will be well-received by the audience and the critics, go on to Broadway, and become one of the huge hits. It certainly sounds like a good show to me, but what do I know?

One of the director’s little expressions is, “Don’t worry, Baby Jesus will help us with that.” Cute, right? Just a cute little expression. There are child actors in this particular show, so perhaps the director has gotten into the habit of using this expression around kids rather than other expressions that might be offensive to young actors.

The other day my daughter was wearing one of those cheap little bracelets with the little square beads with pictures of Baby Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and St. Therese the Little Flower. It only cost a few dollars.

Normally she never wears jewelry when she’s working because she does a lot of backstage work and doesn’t want the jewelry to catch on anything or make noise or in some way be a distraction against her black clothing.

But that day she had forgotten to take the bracelet off, and sure enough, it caught on a piece of scenery that she was manipulating and broke, and all the beads rolled all over the stage.

She was horribly embarrassed in front of the illustrious director and writer and apologized profusely. All the actors helped her to pick up the beads. (She’s a very popular stage manager, and no one held this accident against her.)

After the rehearsal, she apologized again to the director and writer for the disruption, and they both told her not to worry about it. Then she had a thought.

She showed the director the beads and said, “Look! It’s Baby Jesus! He was all over your stage! He’s helping us, just like you always say.”

The director looked and sure enough, he was impressed. (Show people tend to be superstitious, and an incident like this would truly make an impression.) He actually said, “Well, it’s a good thing that happened! Maybe the show will go well now.”

And my daughter told him (remember, this is a Tony winning director!) that she always prays for her shows before every rehearsal and performance. (She does, and actors know this and they often tell her that they’re grateful.) “So I know that Baby Jesus WILL watch over us and help us all to do a good job in this show,” she said.

The director was very touched and said, “Well, this needs to happen every night.” And he thanked her for praying for the show.

Isn’t that nice?

I know there are other people of faith working in the entertainment fields, and that they are like lights in a very dark place.

I honestly hope this show goes on to become a hit and wins another Tony for the director and the writer! I will be interested in seeing if they thank Baby Jesus in their acceptance speech.

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