Baby killed by dog

It’s unbelievable how many of these stories happen. There are a few like this every week. Just do a web search and all kinds of stories come up. Dogs are very vicious.

A British woman was facing manslaughter charges last night after a baby was savaged to death by her dog as she slept.

Mary Barton, 53, is alleged to have been in an alcohol-induced stupor when the Alsatian jumped into the cot and mauled eight-week-old Andre Bigg.

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BELFAST, Maine — The mother of the Frankfort baby mauled to death by the family Rottweiler in April 2011 will spend only three months in jail for the misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

Katrina Mitchell, 31, had little to say to the nearly-empty courtroom Wednesday afternoon as Justice Robert Murray issued the sentence of one year in jail with all but three months suspended and one year of probation. Late last year, she pleaded no contest to the class E charge.

CONROE, TX (KTRK) – A four-year-old boy was killed by a dog Saturday night in Conroe.

It happened around 5:15pm a home in the 5700 block of Pinehurst Street.

Christian Gormanous – like many boys his age – loved to dress up like Spiderman.

He was playing with his nine-year-old sister, Trinity, in their backyard when he climbed over a chain link fence into a neighbor’s yard.

This is as tragic as it gets - a two day old baby killed by the family’s seemingly friendly Husky -

According to one media report, a friend of the Alberta, Canada couple says the dog was probably trying to comfort the crying boy when it delivered one fatal bite to the child’s head.

Rob and Rhonda Fradette, and they seem to have done everything they were supposed to do when they brought their new baby home from the hospital last week, and they’re experienced dog owners.

Tragic as it gets indeed.

Most dogs are fine around babies. It’s all about raising the dog right and giving it extra love and attention when there is a new family member so it doesn’t get jealous. See this video about a pit bull being introduced to the baby. Notice how the owner gives all the attention to the dog. You should always be watchful though. When I was a baby I fell off the couch on our sleeping German Shepherd, and he bit me right next to my eye. I still have the scar. My father almost beat the poor thing to death. But it wasn’t the dogs fault, just a reflex. And he didn’t bit through, he stopped the moment he recognized me. Sad stories but I’d say in most cases the dog wasn’t raised or introduced right or the parents were not watching their children as they should have.

If one adopts a dog from a animal shelter you don’t have that chance. And if they have any aggressive behavior tick, the above very easily can happen.

Quite often the dog is not trying to be vicious. I had a blue heeler mix who was tge best dog ever. I could trust her around anything–my kids, the geese, chickens, turkeys, guineas, doves, other dogs, cats, anything big or small no natter how delicate. She was so calm and obedient. But then she had a litter of puppies. Instinct kicked in after tgat. She was a terrific Mama. She took such good care of all the puppies. She gave birth away from home in a neighbors field and carried each pup safely to the house, one at a time, just like a dog does. They carry then by the neck/head. Now human babies cannot be carried like that, and neither can most other animals like our chicks and guineas. But that instinct that kicked in had made her start carrying everything like it was a puppy. I could no longer trust her to “babysit” the new chicks and guineas as she loved to do because she ended up killing them. If they didn’t stay where she thought they should be she would puck them up and move them like she had done her puppies. Unfortunately she killed quite a few of them and was banned from her favorite job. Now we had 5 kids then and my youngest child at that time was 2 yrs old. I thought I could still trust her around them. She loved those kids and they loved her. Plus they were all “big kids” not small enough tgat she could pick up or move around. One day our youngest fell on the driveway and skinned his knee. He wasn’t hurt badly but of course cried. Trouble (our dog) became worried about him. Since they were so close to the house I guess she roughy she could pull him to the door. She grabbed ahold of his neck and started trying to drag him to ne so I could help him. Thank God my oldest son (13 at the time) was out there with the other kids and told Trouble to drop him. This dog was very obedient and listened first time everytime to anybody. No one got hurt by her but I never again left the younger kids around her without my husband, my oldest son or I there as well. Trouble never had an aggressive side but she was so maternal that it became a danger that I never imagined could happen. She only had the one litter of puppies and it affected her like that. I can honestly see a dog even without puppies doing the same thing to a young child due to instinct and trying to help/protect a child, especially a baby.

Some dogs do become aggressive toward children. Kids confuse them. They don’t know what to think of them. Kids make strange movements and sounds that don’t look like adults, but they still smell human. And sometimes dogs react to being startled with aggression. Other times kids “invade” territory or provoke dogs think it is funny. And there are also some dogs that are just aggressive by nature. I got rid of a golden retriever we had for tgat very reason. He was great around our family, but I couldn’t trust him around anyone else. It was an accident waiting to happen. We did keep Trouble though until she died last fall. That was a very sad day for the whole family. She never had another bad experience with the kids or animals because we took precautions and were watchful. We got lucky but too often other families aren’t so lucky

@7armyrugrats Thank you so much for your insightful post. What you had to say makes a lot of sense, and sounds like it explains what likely happened in the case involving the crying infant and the Husky that bit the child on the head. I appreciate you reminding all of us that as humans (babies, children, and even as adults), we are physically quite fragile compared to many of our animal counterparts.

As I type this, my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix is snuggled up beside me. And I am thanking God for creating our faithful four-legged friends who bring us so much joy. Peace and sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your beloved Trouble. She sounds like a wonderful girl and no doubt, a member of the family who is greatly missed.

I have seen the individuals love for a dog supersede his common sense. A dog is an animal, remember that.

Amen. The way people have a tendency to dote on dogs is one of those things that makes my blood boil. If any dog shows any aggression towards my children I give the owner a choice, either kill the dog or lawyer up. My neighbor had an Akita that she let me take care of myself after it bit her son.

I wouldn’t say dogs are vicious… but I would say some dogs are vicious and a lot of people just don’t understand dog behavior.

Dogs are just dogs (animals as another poster pointed out). I think people try to treat dogs like their “fur children” or “little people in fur suits” and that’s where trouble kicks in. I hate that professionals (like my vet) perpetuate the stereotype by calling me my dog’s “mom.” I am not my dog’s mom, I didn’t give birth to a puppy. I am her owner.

Anyway, dogs are a different species than us and they don’t think like us. They are animals and go on their instincts. People need to remember that. No matter how good you think your dog is, the truth is, it’s still just a dog and can’t be expected to think like a human. That’s unrealistic, unfair, and potentially dangerous. While it’s important to have a well trained dog, you can’t rely on that as foolproof. Same with any animal that can harm you (for example, a well behaved horse for example can still get nervous and kick an owner and can be just as deadly as a dog in that regard. Doesn’t mean the horse is vicious–just means it’s acting like a horse).

Even if you don’t own a dog, you should teach your children how to interact with dogs (like not climbing a fence into a yard with a dog) and you should never leave a young child and a dog together unattended.

I guess it depends on what you call aggression.

Many, many times “aggression” is shown because children have no idea how to behave around an animal. it ends up not being aggression, but normal animal behavior. Barking at children that are running around screaming, is normal animal behavior, at least on the part of the dog.

Dogs from shelters can be just as safe as ones from breeders. Temperment testing reveals far more than personal history and breeding.

[sarcasm]There should be a total ban on assault dogs.[/sarcasm] :rolleyes:

Wow. That is horrible. While some dogs can be vicious, not all dogs are. I think often times it depends on how they are raised and what breed they are. Certain dogs are bred to have aggressive tendencies like Pit Bulls. I think part of the reason is because a lot of people put Pit Bulls in dog fights. Those are illegal here in the United States but I don’t know about other nations. As for other dogs with tendencies towards aggressiveness, I am guessing that such dogs were bred as guard dogs.

I think its terrible to say things like dogs are vicious. Dogs are not vicious its people who make them vicious. The aggressiveness of a dog has nothing to do with breed or anything other than how that dog is treated, raised, trained. It also doesn’t matter if a dog comes from a shelter. Most dogs at shelters are as docile as can be. However there are also dogs there who have been abused and mistreated and thus might have something akin to PTSD and can snap. Those dogs can be rehabilitated and live as docile as you want. You can say that dogs are animals all you want but people are animals too. Any person as a baby is as innocent as any puppy. It is the environment that each grows up in that shapes a lot of their personalities. People can be reformed and so can dogs. Dogs probably a lot easier. Saying things like “dogs are vicious” just gives certain people an excuse to mistreat them and other animals.

Two breeds are so notoriously dangerous, I understand the reason some cities have banned them. There are twenty-five breeds that have caused fatalities, but two thirds of all fatalities have been by pit bulls (the most dangerous breed) and rottweilers.

I personally have a shoot first policy against such dogs running at large, as I have children. I am a firm believer that if one does choose to own a dangerous breed, the life of their dog depends on them keeping the dog confined. Also, I think all financial assest should be forfeited in civil actions against them if their dog kills a child. I am all for dog ownership, but it pales in comparison to my pro-life beliefs.

My dogs have always been amazing around children. I used to babysit and one of my Labs used to lay in front of the children if anyone came to the door and growl at the person at the door. She loved those kids as if they were her own puppies.

As a child I was always surrounded by dogs and never once felt scared or insecure. I will raise my children with dogs as well. I’d trust my baby with my Lab better than most people.

Given what I know of most people that’s not all that reassuring.

I find this funny (in a weird sort of way) because back in the early 1900’s Pit bulls were often refered to as “nanny dogs” because they were so kind and gentle with children. However as some Russian scientists found in their exeperiments on domestication (found in National Geographic Magazine) you can change an animal species group from docile to violent in only a few generations! People took one of the most gentle breeds of dogs and turned them into the most violent in fewer than 100 years!

Thankfully there are kind people in the world working to turn that trend around and get pit bulls back to their old loving selves!

Animal Control officers removed a small pug from the home, but police believe it was a 6-week-old black lab puppy which killed the baby.

You definitely have to watch them, though the worse we ever had were potted plants being turned over. At first it surprised me that Labs could do this.

Aside from their being small, I wonder if Poodles, Chihuahuas, etc. could ever do some of these deeds.

My parents bred chows and then Rottweilers as I grew up and I never had a problem with them.

It’s the owner- not the dog.

Unfortunately, many people don’t adequately care or train their dogs- even to the extent of showing adequate love.

Prayers for this baby and for this woman who will carry this enormous guilt as it was surely her fault that this occurred.

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