Baby Mica came home today you witnessed a miracle!

Baby Mica was at Mass this morning.Doctors at hospital continue to call him the miracle baby.They really couldnt do much for him when he was born but now he has been healed by Our Blessed Lord.You all prayed for him and participated in asking Our Lord for a miracle.By the power of our prayers God gave mercy to Mica and his family and granted him life.Thankyou to all of you and I will continue to pray for all of you as well as baby Mica.
God Bless you all

Prayers of thanksgiving for Mica. I have a “miracle baby” grandson, now 7years old and I thank God for His Mercy in allowing us to get to know this beautiful child.

I will continue to hold this special child and his parents in my prayers.

Praise God!

Thank You Lord!!!

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