Baby name poll.

Fifth child, 4th Girl. Due Feb. 12.

You and your wife have excellent taste in names. It was so hard to pick! Are you sure you aren’t having twins???

Very narrowly, Faustina Hope.

Congrats, by the way! :):D:thumbsup::extrahappy::dancing:

Congratulations! I voted Kateri Rose, not only because I liked those names, but because you just know that even though the name Faustina Hope is beautiful, they are going to go around calling her ‘Faus Hope’ and tease her.

How about “Hope Faustina”?

Congratulations. Praying to Our Lady of Guadalupe for you to have an uncomplicated pregnancy & safe delivery of a healthy baby. Kateri Rose is so beautiful.

congratulations! Praying for your family!

Hi Hoosier Daddy,

Congratulations to you and your wife.

I also pray that your wife has a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy.

I also voted for the name Kateri Rose, but I think that either name is very beautiful.

Voted for Faustina Hope!

Congrats and God bless! Wow, number 5! Both names are very lovely, but do you really have to ask which one I voted for? :smiley:

I don’t know where the poll is…but how about Brigid Marie :slight_smile:

Congratulations and God protect the Little One.

Kateri Tekakwith is one of my six patron saints, so of course I’ll go with Kateri Rose.

Tekakwitha was from New York! Yaaaay :heart:

Never voted as I’m just not sure but congratulations just the same.

Congratulations to you and your wife! I see the guys are nicely outnumbered in your home. :smiley: Lovely names, I ticked Faustina Hope.

Thanks everybody for the congrats. It looks like Kateri has a big lead. We were thinking that although each name is not common the baby could have a normal nickname. Like Kate for Kateri or Tina for Faustina.

I agree with BEL, you two have awesome taste in names and I actually had to think about it.

I went with Kateri Rose. Love that!

How about Faustina Rose?


I’m in the vast minority: I voted Faustina Hope. :slight_smile:

I voted Kateri Rose.

I have nothing really against Faustina, except that “fausty” is a particular word in my dialect of English, meaning “mouldy, musty, gone sour, having a bad smell”, so naming a child “Faustina” would be like naming her “Mouldette” or “Mildewia”. :rolleyes:

Again, that’s just due to the language up here. YMMV. And no offense to St Faustina or anyone named Faustina. :thumbsup:

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