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My wife and I are expecting our third child in late July or early August. The sonogram said boy. We can’t agree on a name for this boy. My wife wants Andrew William and I’d like Vincent William. We have an Italian last name. William is the name of her grandfather who raised her so that will stick as the middle name. Just curious as to what people think is the better sounding name. My daughter wants to name the baby Trevor, and my son wants to name the baby Chucko. Trevor has a chance, Chucko has no chance.:thumbsup:


Well, turn Vincent into Vinny, and you’ll have a really Italian name!

I come from an Italian family, so I am partial to Italian names, such as Sebastian, Anthony, Samuel, Jospeh, Marcello, to just name a few.


**First of all, do either of you have any strong objections to the other’s preference? **

If not, then it is kind of hard to choose…

You could think of things like initials, nicknames, and name “meanings” to see if there is anything that makes it easier.

For example, Vincent William is VW. That’s a car. Andrew William is AW. That reminds me of “awwwww, look at the cute puppy!”. Fine for a little boy, but not so cute in high school;)

Also remember the entire set of initials including your last name.

Can either you or your wife think of any unpleasant nicknames from either name that other kids will call him? What about a nickname you just hate? If you don’t like the name Vinny, then you won’t want Vincent…etc.

**If you are looking for personal opinions, I prefer Andrew. I think of “vincent price” when I **
h****ear Vincent and a mobster when I hear Vinny, lol.

**As for Trevor and Chucko, lol, get a couple of fish and let your kids name them:thumbsup: **



I forgot to add this, my wife hates the nickname Vinnie and she thinks that is what people would call him. My brother is Anthony and my Mom was afraid he’d be called Tony, so all growing up she insisted it was Anthony. He didn’t have a problem being called Anthony.


Good. I have several male relatives with the name Anthony. Only one of them shortened it down to Tony.


you shouldn’t fight. Go with a third choice.

I suggest Joseph William–what a lovely name.

Of course, I always suggest Joseph–it’s my favorite boy’s name. :smiley:


you shouldn’t fight. Go with a third choice.

I suggest Joseph William–what a lovely name.

Of course, I always suggest Joseph–it’s my favorite boy’s name. :smiley:


Well, my middle younger brother wanted to name by youngest brother Boris, for Boris of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame. Boris ties with Chucko.

If you are not going ethnic, either name is nice. If you go ethnic, Andrew easily becomes Andre or Andrea (Yes, that’s a boy’s name). Vincent does not have to become Vinny, but Vince for Vincente or Vincenzo.

Personally, if you don’t have one, I vote for Joseph along with leonie. Good Italians can never go wrong with good San Guiseppe.


So far a couple of suggestions for Joseph, but we already took care of that Italian name with our first boy.


That was my grandfather’s name (minus the San).:smiley:


I soooo understand your wife!!! I named my second son Francis and I hate Frank or Frankie. he is 17 yo now and we call him Francis, France, and a very short stint of Gabe (middle name Gabriel). I figure if it hasn’t stuck by this time…


We have an Italian last name as well and thought of both of those first names on your list. I didn’t think Andrew went well with our last name, and I didn’t like Vinnie, either for Vincent. One name we thought of instead of Vincent was Victor. Maybe you both like that.

Also, I know a lot of people named Anthony that do not shorten to Tony. It seems like a whole different name.


I like Joseph Michael and Blaise Michel and would have seriously considered those name had I ever had a boy… actually Blaise was my first choice for a boy. But my girls are Whitlee Elizabeth and Addisyn Mary… Addison is a male name meaning Son of Adam…but I loved it so much I choose to spell it with a Y which is the feminine… Good luck and God Bless.


I am very partial to Andrew. I always loved that name and paired with William. Absolutely wonderful. Sorry to the OP but I am with your wife.


If you don’t agree, you really should pick another name that
you do agree on instead of pressuring each other with the
"votes" on here. I know an Italian family that already had a
son named Vinnie (Vincent). For their next boy, they chose
Vito. Names ending in an “O” were popular at that time.
I have a nephew named Anthony and no one ever called
him Tony. Isn’t it fun thinking of a name together?
Blessings on your family…


One of my favorite Italian saints is John Bosco. How about John Bosco?


With an Italian last name, I like Santini.
My grandaughter is married to a 1st generation Italian and I think that’s in the running for a boy.
Donetella for a girl.


I like Vincent William, it’s more unusual. He doesn’t have to end up as Vinny, he can be called Vince, I like that name a lot.

My little brother’s name is William Edward. We would tease him every now and again and call him Willie Eddie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Andrew William is a real nice name too, but I’d sooner choose the nickname Drew than Andy.

Vince is a way cool name though…

BTW ~ Congratulations on your new little addition to the family!

Oh, and Charles is a nice compromise on Chucko… :wink: :smiley:


Luther William


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