Baby shower games

I’m giving a shower in May and the mom has expressed a preference for no silly, goofy games. (like “guess what baby food is smeared in the diaper”, “guess the size of mom’s belly”, “pin the sperm on the egg” etc) I tend to agree, but am not sure how a “no game” shower will go over. They really just want food and fellowship. :thumbsup:

Do you know of any simple games that might be more in good taste?

Fill a baby bathtub with baby products: Q-tips, cotton balls, baby bath, shampoo, powder, wipes, diapers, bibs, bottles, pacifiers, etc etc etc.

Set the bathtub in the middle of the room and ask everyone to look it over (ooh’s and ah’s) -

Then take that bathtub away and ask everyone to write down everything they remember being in the tub.

Whoever correctly remembers the most items wins…

I went to a very educational shower; it felt like I was in school :-/
Perhaps because most of the games were class-room setting.
Anyway, how about:

  • Crossword and/or scramble with baby-related items.
  • Pass around an office calendar where each guest can write their name on the day (and time) they guess the baby will be born.
  • Pass around a mini notebook so that each guest can offer a tip/advise on mommy-hood (especially if she’s a first-time mom).
  • That basket of baby items sounds great! , just time it (ex. 2min max per table to take a look).
  • All guests have a baby pin on their shirts and should keep their legs crossed throughout the shower. If another guest catches them sitting uncrossed, they take their pin away. The guest with the most pins wins a small prize.
  • Hand painting onesies (stencils and all items in one table), hang ‘to dry’ on a make-shift clothes line.
  • Per table, pass out enough PlayDough and an animal/caricature stencil/picture that the table has to re-create with the playdough, on a nice plate. Winner takes pic with pregnant mommy. THe shower I went to had a zoo-theme, so the animals (all plates) were so cute together.

(I happened to go to 2 showers a few months ago).
Hope these ideas help!

Why don’t you do word games?

Like a word find with baby things (crib, bottle, diaper, etc.)

Or word scrambles: tloslrer=stroller, etc.

Or a baby name game

and have all the woman write a little bit of advice on a piece of paper, with the caveat that the new mom doesn’t have to take any of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

At mine, we played bingo, the hostess had little gifts and every time I opened one, they could mark off that gift (you could do it for the gift that are brought, by making the guests guess what gift are going to be given and filling in the bingo cards themselves).

But mostly at the showers my aunt gives, it is just food, chit chat, and opening the gifts. With the word games.

If it is the culture of the mom and her family, then it really isn’t a problem to have gameless showers.

I had 3 baby showers…none had any games. I loved every single one of them. Each was just food and fellowship.

If the mom to be has expressed her desire for no games, then have no games. It is a matter of respect.

Personally, I find those silly games really childish. I think most people will agree.

Good ideas!

There will probably be some elementary age girls there; I want something for them to do. The word games and bingo would be good.

For those who had no games, how did things progress? People arrived, ate, you opened gifts, folks chatted and that’s it? Just curious . . .

Neither one of my baby showers had games. We just had food and fellowship. If that’s what the mother-to-be has requested, then it’s perfectly fine to do a baby shower without games. I do have one suggestion for something fun to do, that isn’t a game. Have one of those baby towels with the hood on it at the entrance, along with a permanent marker. Each guest “signs in” by signing their name on the baby towel. After the shower, the new mother has a keepsake from the shower that is also quite useful! My daughter was at her baby shower (born a few weeks early) so she had a pink towel, but if you don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl, then a green, yellow, or white towel will also work just fine! :slight_smile:

I saw that idea on line and I am definitely doing it. Baby is a boy. :thumbsup:

Yeah, people arrived, we visited, we ate, we visited, we eventually opened gifts, we had cake, and visited some more.

The problem with games is that people really want to visit and catch up, and the games are so forced…in my experience, people would much rather visit than play games.

**ESPECIALLY if that is what the mom to be has requested!! :thumbsup:

I like the clothes pin game. You know, you try to stick clothes pins on people without them noticing. I can’t remember how you win. Maybe a prize for the one with the most and a prize for someone with the least. The younger guest would love that.

I also think it’s nice when guests fill out thank you card envelopes with their addresses so mom doesn’t have to do that later. And, then use the envelopes for a door prize drawing.

We played three games at my daughters…yeah…the corny ones…but we also set up a picture of her pregnant taken the week of the shower. We got a large mat and a frame and had people give “Words of Wisdom” to the new Mom to be. It was a keepsake picture of her pregnancy as well as some good advise.

Perhaps you can talk to the Mom to be and find out IF this type of thing would be ok with her.

I have to agree with the poster who suggested decorating onesies. They did that at DD’s babyshower and it was great.

The hostess had purchased a selection of diaper shirts, sleepers and bibs and dimensional fabric paint. Henry now has a great wardrobe of one-of-a-kind clothes.

I particularly like the bib that has a messy scrawl in green paint “what do you expect with no teeth?”:smiley:

You could also decorate quilt squares and have them stitched into a baby quilt.

Best game at my baby shower was a series of questions that everybody went around the room to answer. “What do you wish you knew about parenting before you had your first baby?” and “What old wives tale did you believe before you had a baby that turned out to be totally untrue?” and “What would you say is an absolute necessity to take to the hospital?” We laughed to the point of tears at some points, and I got a lot of good advice in a non-threatening way.

I like the advice book (as long as you can trust your guests to keep it nice).

Also, my friend organised my baby shower without games, but she gave each guest a small bag with a ball of wool knitting needles and a knitting pattern for booties and a baby beanie. Nobody was expected to do anything with them (and most didn’t), but I got a couple of pairs of booties and a beanie from it.

Perhaps a stretched canvas that people can help to decorate that can be hung in the baby’s room. Or photos of each guest with the pregnant tummy, made into a collage for the baby to keep.

Or, get each person to bring something that can be hung from a mobile (they are incredibly expensive in my opinion), then make the mobile from everyone’s items. It would be a completely unique thing, and probably lovely and bright for the baby to look at.

If there are going to be school aged children there, would it be possible to ahve games for them (or something to entertain them) and chit chat for the adults?

Also, if you get other moms to talk about their children… it could easily take away from teh guest of honour and turn into someone else tooting their horn.

Also, if some of the women are adults and have not had children, be very carefull about asking people to give parenting advice. Chances are the woman with out kids will end up feeling inferior and made fun of. They won’t let on but they will secretly wish they were not invited


I hate baby showers games because they seem so pointless and cheesy. I am preggo with baby #4 and my friends are having a blessingway for me. I have had them for my friends and been to many. They are very customizable to the mama and are meaningful and fun. I have a book that gives me great ideas for things to do at a blessingway. We did a candle ceremony at one of my friends. We had prayer candles blessed at church by the priest and we gave them out as gifts to the guest while praying for the safe transition of mom and baby. We planned a facebook post to tell everyone that labor had started and they lite the candle with the prayer. One the babies first birthday you can lite it again as a remembrance. There are lots of things you can do to honor the beautiful birth of mom and baby that has nothing to do with bingo and what people win. It should be about empowering, inspiring, and prepairing the mother for the job ahead not about what cool dollar store stuff we got at the shower. We, preggo mommies too, get wrapped up it the getting stuff mood. Lets remember the real gift we are celebrating and here for. Google Blessingway, and here is a good website to look at,
Good luck and have fun at the shower! Wish mama and baby a safe journey for me!:o

I can’t stand games at showers:blush: So, what my mom did was set a timer while I was opening gifts, when the timer went off, whoevers gift I was opening got a prize.
If there will be younger kids there you could make sure there was some type of little prize or gift for them or maybe some kind of craft they could make for the baby’s room( dollar stores are great for that! ) When I had my shower 5 of my friends there were either pregnant or just had a baby…mom got baby bottles and sippy cups and filled them with candy and put cute ribbons on them for each of the new mommies.

My shower was a Tea Party Theme. The host had Tea and Scones on the cutest plates and cups. We also had a book theme to the shower, bring a book for the babies library. Everyone was supposed to bring a book they loved as a child, and tell why they loved it, and write an inscription in the front. It was really lovely and lots of fun.

I too have the guess the baby food in the diaper game…NO ONE wants to stick their nose in a baby diaper clean or not.

My cousin hosts a Christmas party every year and we all look forward to her “Bag Game.” She chooses a theme (kitchen things, office products, etc.) and places items into brown paper lunch bags with numbers on them. The sealed bags are passed to all the guests, who use their hands to feel the contents and write their guesses on a numbered list. The person with the most correct guesses wins. It should be easy to do this with a baby theme.

At my baby shower instead of games my cousin set up tables with scrapbooking supplies. Everyone who wanted to, decorated a page for the baby’s baby book and wrote a little message to the baby. It was sort of free flow. People arrived, we visited, had lunch, ate desert, opened presents and nothing was rushed. Now I just need to print up photos and start putting them into the lovely book that I ended up with!

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