Baby shower games


I'm hosting a shower this Sunday for my friend whose baby was born really early. She requested no cheesy games, but I wasn't sure if she wanted any games at all. I have chosen one just to kind of break the ice. I decided to have every one break into pairs, and make a list of the most song titles they can think of that have the word "Baby" in them. Whoever has the most at the end of... I dunno... two minutes wins (I have special prizes for the winning pair).

I figure that will be fun, but I am sure most people will want to chat, especially since the baby is still in the NICU.

Hope that helps!


I don't like the silly games much either, but here's one I did once for a friend. I asked each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves. Then I placed each photo on a table with a number beside each. The guests had to guess whose picture was whose, and write them down. The one with the most right answers wins.

I think showers without any games are fine! The book theme sounds great to me.


All this time I thought there was something wrong with me because I could not get into those shower games which I also think are actually quite stupid. There I said it. :)

I see I am not alone afterall.


Now, KCT, you know you have to tell us what you choose to do at the shower. AND we need prizes for those whose ideas you used! :D

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