'Baby simulator' programs may make teen girls more likely to become pregnant, study finds


‘Baby simulator’ programs may make teen girls more likely to become pregnant, study finds. abcn.ws/2bKvjvr


I was listening to this on A M. This morning and found it surprising ,
I guess it could prove that humans are a Maternal. Bunch ,
And this Excersise just sped things up a bit,
A seemingly good idea backfired


Does this ‘simulator’ have different settings? If it does then have it cry every time the girl tries to sleep. Crying sessions should last a minimum of 90 minutes and the volume should be cranked up to 11. All bodily fluid output should also be set to 11. The simulated baby should have WiFi and a computer that hacks and drains your bank account. Still want that baby, kid?



I remember that required program back in high school. Girls were looking forward to it and bought real baby clothing and blankets ahead of time for the baby simulator doll. It did cry during sleep time, but I didn’t let it cry because teacher said that everything is recorded and it can affect the grade. I was GLAD when it was time to return it, not because it was a pain, but because I felt ashamed having a baby at my age (although everyone school knew it was just part of a required program ). I even felt ashamed of what my parents would think of me. Lol. It was a bad experience for me.


My daughter went through that program a couple of years ago. Although none of her classmates went nearly so far as to buy things for the “baby,” some looked forward to the experience a little.

My daughter, unfortunately, got a malfunctioning “baby”. At first it wouldn’t start, then it cried (nearly all night) and couldn’t be “comforted”. After that experience she wanted nothing more to do with real babies, at all, ever. From what she said, none of her friends particularly enjoyed the experience either, certainly not enough to hurry to get a baby of their own.


I wonder if the baby responds to the Five S’s. Worked like a charm for our kid. (I’m a little hazy, but I think it’s Swaddle, Shush, Swing, (Something else I’ve forgotten), and Suckle.)


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