Baby Swallows Cocaine, Rushed to Connecticut Hospital

Baby Swallows Cocaine, Rushed to Connecticut Hospital,2933,579911,00.html?test=latestnews
Thursday, December 10, 2009
WATERBURY**, Conn.**** — Waterbury police say they arrested a mother of five children after her 11-month-old son swallowed cocaine and had to be hospitalized.**

Twenty-eight-year-old Kenya Brown was charged Tuesday with risk of injury to children, drug possession and illegal possession of a gun. She was held in lieu of $50,000 bail and is to appear in Waterbury Superior Court on Dec. 23.
A hospital spokesman says the boy was discharged Wednesday.
Police say Brown told investigators that her roommate was baby sitting her children Monday night when the incident happened. The roommate, 24-year-old Leshonda Davis, was also arrested.

Authorities say they found a loaded handgun in the home that was within easy reach of Brown’s children.

It’s not clear if Brown and Davis have attorneys.

These people should be in jail for having cocaine around kids.

However the loaded gun has nothing to do with the story. I’ve had loaded guns around me all my life even when I was in the womb.—Stan.

I think the issue here is illegal possession of firearms.

I certainly don’t want a dope fiend to have access to illegal weapons (loaded or unloaded), especially in a household with children.

I disagree.

The real issue is that there were drugs in the house with children. Guns are legal to be in homes with children. I keep them and raised an honors student. There were always loaded guns in my home accessible to children but they didn’t touch them.

The author of the story simply wanted to make a big deal about a gun and simply is showing anti-gun bias/ignorance. We have no idea if the gun was sitting on the table in front of the kids, hidden in a drawer, or on top of the china cabinet. We just know it was in close proximity. That, in itself, is not an issue.

Now the fact that drug abusers haven’t had their kids taken away. That is a REAL problem.

The fact that drug abusers have a gun. That is also a REAL problem. According to the FBI/Brady check, drug abusers are forbidden from purchasing a gun so the Brady check apparently failed.

I think addict parents, possessing an illegal firearm and having it loaded, within reach of very young children who couldn’t be taught or trusted not to touch it even if the parents cared (which they apparently don’t) to teach them gun safety, is relevant to the story in that it speaks to their degree of reckless negligence with her children’s safety and general unfitness as a parents.

Just curious, is it an illegal firearm or a legal firearm? The story never gave us any information that the gun was illegal, was stored illegally, purchased illegally, etc.

Clearly the parents are reckless and are endangering their children, but in many different ways. They should be stripped of their children and probably tossed in jail.

Well the article said she was charged with illegal possession of a firearm…

Illegal possession does NOT mean that the there was an illegal gun. Those are completely different things.

The story also didn’t mention that there was an exposed wall socket right next to the kid playing on the floor, or the hot light bulb hanging over its head. They didn’t mention the BOOM BOX at 96 db’s going 24/7/365 and how the kids ears are that of a 50 yr old. BUT A GUN? Whoooo!

Obviously, if these morons were reckless to leave cocaine around for a baby to find, I don’t think they were somehow more responsible with the gun. The child could have gotten access to that. I actually see this as an example of irresponsible gun ownership.:shrug:

Ok. I don’t see why it makes a difference, does it? How it was stated in the article related to the situation.:shrug:

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

You have to have a license to drive a car, to make sure you’re properly trained.

You have to have a license to fly an airplane, to make sure you’re properly trained.

You have to have a license to practice medicine, to make sure you’re properly trained.

In some places, you have to have a license to adopt a dog, to make sure you’re properly trained.

But to be a parent, all you need are a few working body parts.

I’m not saying that we should require people to obntain a license in order to have children (unenforceable anyway, just like prohibition and cap and trade), but with some people, you just have to stop and wonder why they have them…and other people, who would make wonderful, loving, and responsible parents, are unable to have them.

Truly a mystery.

You have a point I think there should be pre-marriage classes.

Now should people be forced to go to the classes? That’s opens up a can of worms. Would you want the government telling you how to act in your marriage?

Now I hate government in my business and I think the classes would be a good thing heck just look at the divorce rate. However people would fight it.

Now we had marriage counseling in the military but it was not for the marriage it was to keep a soldier focused on the mission not focused on marriage problems.

BTW; the story above, we don’t know if this lady is married or not? I used to work with this lady she had five children by five different men and never been married.

So I guess that throws out my idea for pre-marriage classes.

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