Baby with Downs Syndrome?


Can you please keep my cousin and his wife in your prayers? They are pregnant with their 3rd child, and some tests indicate that the baby might have Down’s Syndrome. They have been under some pressure from some Dr’s to have an abortion, but they have refused. They are both very strong in their Catholic faith, and they have a great support system on both sides of the family. Many, many practising Catholics who are supportive of them and their child.


:heaven: Praying for your cousins and their darling in the womb!:crossrc:

They WILL be rewarded for remaining steadfast in faith and choosing life! Be sure to thank them for giving us all another miracle of life! :slight_smile:


Thank you!:slight_smile:


Praying for them and the baby’s health. God bless them for giving their child life!

A dear friend of mine had a sibling with Down’s who was the light of her life.


Those tests are often wrong. Either way this child will be a blessing. Prayers will be said for her and her husband. God Bless.


My youngest brother (37 in two weeks) has DS. He has been the vessel God used to bless our family, by making us aware of the needs of the vulnerable amongst us. His coming diverted our family from lives of self-centered absorption.

These children show us the love of God if we let them. No wonder Satan wants them eliminated.


I will pray for your cousin, his wife, and their baby. :gopray:


Your cousin, his wife, the unborn, and the family were in my prayer.


:signofcross: :byzsoc:


They’re in my prayers. I hope the tests are wrong. :signofcross:


Children with Down Syndrome can be a true blessing for their family and community. It just takes love and humility to recognize it.

I am thankful to Our Lord that he inspired such a brave decision in your cousin and his family because it could be a true testimony for Life and this is what the world needs today. God bless them, I will pray for them and their baby.


They are in my prayers :gopray2:


I will pray for your cousin, your family, and for the baby. Your cousin and her spouse are an example to all of us already, because they are following God`s will by keeping the baby.

I will pray also for the health of the baby. Whether the baby has Downs Syndrome or not, I know the child will bring many blessings to your family.




As I’ve said before, I had a friend, Sorraya, growing up who had Down Syndrome and to be honest…it just didn’t matter to us as kids! She was great fun and not ‘stupid’ or ‘retarded’ in the sense some people think of when they hear DS…My own eldest daughter has a friend in her pre-school class with DS and again: she’s a lovely girl, popular and not as ‘behind’ as some may think.

So, prayers, but do tell them: it’s not the end of the world!!!

Anna x


In my Living Prayer of life.


i will keep your family and the baby in my prayers. it will all come out according to God’s plan and that’s what we can place our trust in. someone very close to me has a child with downs who is a teenager now, no health problems whatsoever and a wonderful happy personality that entertains the family. she still talks about how she mourned the “death of her normal child”. would this bother anyone else? i can’t believe she would say that about her child. i never say anything because i havent been in the situation so i cant know how she felt but she says this in front of the child and all her other children and i cant help but think its so wrong.


They are in my prayers today. :gopray:


May peace and comfort come to them as they make life decisions. May they be guided by the Holy Spirit always.


I’m a teacher’s aide in special Ed., special children are “angels in disguise” Hebrews 13:2. God Bless, Vickie


I will pray for this special little baby to be born healthy and if it is God’s will, for him/her to be free from Down’s Syndrome. Some of those screening tests have a high false-positive rate. I will also pray for the doctors to realize that this is someone’s precious baby, not an inconvenience to kill. And of course I will pray that the parents stay strong in their convictions against abortion and that they are filled with peace regarding this diagnosis.

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