Babysitting interview - what questions to ask?

I’m getting ready to ‘hire’ a babysitter for my 3 boys while my husband goes back to days for about a month . . .how do I do this? I’m thinking for an interview just having them over one evening and observe them with the boys, but what rules do I need to cover or questions to ask? Thank you!

When I was younger before I had my daughter, I tried my hand at a little nannying.

Some suggestions …

Have a list of things your employee must have/be able to do. (I.e. CPR certification, a drivers license) and determine the required activities/duties that the employee must preform. You can also have a list of things that they could optionally do if time allows (homework help, light house & meal prep, etc.)

I think having them to visit you either at your home, or say some neutral place, but where the children can interact with the potential employee is a great idea. You can ask for a criminal check if you so feel inclined.

*]Why do they choose this profession? Do they love their work?
*]What is their idea of “discipline”? being sure to include how it works in your family and that they can agree to that!
*]Salary - often a point of negoitian depending on the responsiblities, etc.
*]Hours they are expected to, and can they do them.
*]What notice do you require for sickness, vacation, termination of job?
*]How many holiday days will you provide a year, and when will they be taken?
*]Car use: Are you providing the car and gas? Or providing a stipend?
*]How many sick days pay do you give and for how long will you pay full salary.
*]Visitors: Are they allowed? Will they be willing to participate in play dates that might occur at your home?
*]Dress code. Or some guidelines.
*] The obvious smoking/drinking/addiction - any?
*] If not also Catholic, how might they handle things …

  1. Make sure they’re CPR and first aid certified.
  2. Post near the landline the emergency number (911 in the US), the non-emergency numbers for the police and fire departments, the Poison Control Hotline (1-800-222-1222 in the US), your contact number, and contact number of a close-by, trusted friend or relative in case the sitter can’t reach you. Laminate it so it doesn’t get destroyed.
  3. Many word processings program have templates for babysitter instructions. If you don’t have one, you can download one from: Fill it out and post it in a prominate location. Laminate it so it doesn’t get destroyed.
  4. Ask for and check references. If the babysitter is a minor, get the parents’ phone numbers so you have an adult to contact should something arise.
  5. Are there any areas in your house you don’t want your kids in when you’re not around (your bedroom, the swimming pool, etc.)? Make sure the sitter knows the no-go areas.

Run a criminal background check. :slight_smile:

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