Bach flowers.


long story made short, in my parish there is a Homeopathy and bach flowers program. and while I know that Homeopathy is somewhat tolerated by the Catholic Church. the Bach flowers is not.

some people I’ve heard say that while there is some kind of danger if you believe in all the occultism on them, they are most likely harmless if you only drink them believing hey cure through scientific bases (which many of those who said that, if not all, think that they are only placebos, so they dont say it because they believe on that system)

so my question is, should I go to talk to the Priest about this? and if so how do you reccomend i do it, unfortunately I look very nervous when dealing with this kind of stuff (well, in fact i do have a big problem when trying to correct others, i get too scared of what they’ll say) and would not like to make him think that this is just nonsense out of my imagination.

I had never heard of Bach flowers, but a little reading shows this to be a terrible hoax. The Catholic Church should never be involved with such fraud.

Unfortunately many priests are not aware of such dangers and it seems harmless so they OK it since it attracts people. In our parish we have a woman who started a “healing” program. But I know her and know she is into crystals, Reiki, channelling and other such occult things. I wrote to the pastor but he said he spoke to her about not doing those things. Well they are part of who she is and what she does so how do those things stay totally out of her program. Many things she does are hidden under the guise of using Jesus and Mary to bring healing, so it is allowed. My argument went nowhere. As of now there are only about 5 people who take part in her “healing” sessions. I hope and pray it dwindles or that the pastor wises up to the dangers she is presenting.

Honestly my grandmother used the remedies and gave them to me since we both suffered from depression and anxiety but I never personally had good results with them they are just water with the scent of flowers nothing worth the money they cost, also they are supposed to cast out negative emotions hence they are in my opinion not something a catholic should dabble with now natural cures that are just to heal your physical body I would say are ok but not flower essences with emotion altering powers but again my opinion only

I think the best argument is that they aren’t proven to work. See information in Wikipedia about studies done So, ask if the parish wants to promote something that has been shown to be ineffective.

I knew someone into Bach Flower Remedies. I personally think is all harmless, quackery. It won’t hurt, but it’s a waste of time and money.


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