Bach & The Baroque Period

Do you have a taste for the Baroque period, namely its music?

I’m starting to acquire a taste for Bach, with “Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme” being a favorite organ piece of mine. I’m also partial to the sound of the Baroque-style harpsichord.

oooo no, just reading the word harpsichord brings back horrbile memories of having to listen to that kinda stuff at school, over and over again, and then getting the score, and then listening over and over and over again; Ugh the tingyness.
Sorry for your first reply being negative, I didn’t realise my harpsichord hatred was so strong :shrug:

I like Bach too! Tocatta & Fugue in D minor is awesome!

I like Bach.

As a young pianist, I had to learn the Bach 2-part Inventions. I always liked learning them–it was like working out a puzzle, and I always enjoyed playing them. I think they are excellent for young pianists.

However, at a music competition, I got dinged by a judge who said that Bach isn’t supposed to be played with dynamics. My piano teacher (who was actually an organist) said that the judge was an idiot, that back when there were only clavichords, Bach couldn’t be played with dynamics, but once the piano was invented, Bach COULD and SHOULD be played with dynamics.

And I was kind of caught in the middle of this debate!

So I learned at an early age that music is rife with controversy!

My husband doesn’t like Baroque music very much. He says that it has too much of a driving beat and is too frantic–hmmm…Bach/Rock–there really isn’t that much difference, is there?!

Love it! I played oboe and recorder in a Baroque orchestra for years.


I read a comparison once between two Roman orators – when the first one spoke men praised his eloquence but when the second one spoke men said “Let us march”.

That’s how I feel about Baroque & Romantic music. Bach is so perfect I suspect he was a computer but Beethoven moves my soul.

A couple of funny quotes about the harpsichord. Beecham’s is especially colorful. :eek:

Speaking of Beecham, his quote about Bach is classic …

Too much counterpoint; what is worse, Protestant counterpoint. :smiley:

Still … I love Bach.

I’ve been listening to some Baroque music through YouTube videos lately. Bach’s concerto for three harpsichords in D minor is compelling.

My classical tastes reside mainly in the Baroque and Classical periods with some of the Romantic Period (Bruch, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, and Dvořák)

I adore St. Matthew’s Passion and St. John’s Passion by Bach. They are so moving and beautiful, they fill me. I don’t know German, but I found the english translation for them. They are amazing!!

YES! And I am fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles, whic has radio station KUSC-FM playing classical music 24 hours a day, with baroque music as part of the playlists.

:smiley: I need one of those shirts.

I need one of those!

I love Baroque music. I haven’t actually been listening to any classical lately, yet I’ve been writing in a classical style for the past couple of months, kind of odd.

As for my opinion of Bach, see my sig.

I always wondered why they called that style of music “baroque.” Then I learned it was because someone had shot it with Pachelbel’s Canon.

(Okay, running for cover now :stuck_out_tongue: )


I often listen to the Classical Music stations on Cable (yeah I know, why listen to music on TV). They have been playing a lot of Telemann who I had not heard of. He is from the Baroque period and I do like his music.

yes yes yes!
I took piano lessons when I was 9 through senior yr of high school…and Bach two part inventions were my absolute fave! I always liken Bach’s music to eating a rich piece of German chocolate cake…while say Chopin was like drinking a dry merlot. (I don’t like Merlot, and didn’t like playing Chopin!):stuck_out_tongue: I have misplaced my Bach books from when I was a kid–but alas, all of my Chopin preludes are still tucked away in my piano bench.:rolleyes: (I still have my childhood piano that was my dad’s)

Something interesting about Bach…his music sketches used to be used to wrap deli meat. Can you imagine treating such a musical genius’ work in such a way? :shrug:

I too adore the harpsichord…my piano teacher had a grand, and she would follow along with me, as I played Bach on the harpischord…I long for these lost musical treasures. :o

Oh, yes! The Brandenburg Concertos, the Mass in B minor, the cantatas, the cello suite. Bach’s genius constantly amazes me!


We also have a very nice classical station:

I am kind of a Romantic junkie, but baroque definately has a special place. I am currently playing a Haydn sonata which is fabulous although I think that is pushing classical. Bach’s organ music is wonderful.

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