Bachelorette party ideas?


I am looking for some fun, clean bachelorette party ideas. Any suggestions? :shrug:


go gokarting or even bowling and afterwoods go and have dinner as a group in a resturant.

please do not think of strippers. you dont need that kind of stuff.


My wife walked out on her bachelorette party due to strippers. Until then she’d had a great time. Hers was a simple dinner with her half of the wedding party, some family and friends. They had arranged for everyone to give her a gift from Victoria’s Secret (no lingerie, just beauty products, underwear and a pair of pajamas, but everyone got a kick out of the table full of VS boxes), then everyone told a story about a fond memory they had of her. The friends and wedding party went to a hotel afterward. My wife had asked that there not be a stripper, so when three walked in she was a little upset and left.

Some ideas friends have used are canoeing, golfing, renting out a movie theater, camping and a party at a hall (basically a mixed wedding shower/bachelor/bachelorette party). These were all mixed parties and were well-received by everyone.

Most of the people in my social circle who are my age or older had the traditional, hedonistic bachelor/ette parties, while those more than 2-3 years younger tended to have the tamer, activity-based parties (some still had the strippers, etc., but most were the tamer parties). I’m not sure of all the reasons for this, but I do know of 2-3 marriages that either ended or were called off because of problems stemming from the bachelor parties.


Chick flicks? Makeover? Or maybe just mindless gossiping?


Spa time!


I’m hosting a bachelorette party this weekend! The bride wanted something clean and lowkey, so I rented a nice hotel room and the bride and several of her girlfriends and I are having a pajama party :slight_smile: We’re going to have junk food, order pizza, play some silly board games, watch fun movies (Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Singer, etc.) and, of course, wear our pjs! I’ve got a 'BACHELORETTE" sash and tiara for the bride to wear and later in the evening we might steal down to the hotel lobby (all in our pjs) and have a celebratory drink at the bar.

A spa-day is also a great idea (if you and the attendees can afford it)


*Fondu party?
Wine tasting party?
‘Rent a chef’ and have the person come and teach you and a group of girls how to cook
Find one of the ‘Crate’ places where you can go to see cooking demonstrations, and then meal tastings afterwards

Have girls over to rent some funny romantic wedding type films, and rent a chocolate fountain…chop up strawberries, bananas, mangos, etc…marshmallows…these are real party pleasers, and make an ordinary party, much more fun!

As you can see…I like food to be in there somewhere. :p:D

Congrats, and have a blast!*


Regarding funny and clean ideas, how about the Toilet Paper dress game? Using the bride-to-be as a model, everyone takes turns designing a wedding dress with rolls of toilet paper. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, by the way!

  • Rent a limo and go wine tasting
  • Have a pottery party where everyone makes their own pottery
  • Get all dressed up and go to a fancy dinner
  • Go camping with just the girls
  • Rent a beach house for the weekend


Thanks for all the great ideas! I will pass them along to my party throwers :thumbsup:




Camping would be so fun!


But of course, ONLY with the chocolate fountain :slight_smile:

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