Back from our PA trip--confused!


*Hi all :wave: We are back from our trip to Pittsburgh…gosh, we were so busy the entire time…we crammed in so much, it felt like we were there for a month! :smiley: Went to our prior parish’s summer festival, visited relatives, went to a wedding in Gettysburg…ate at our fave spots…it was just so fun. As many of you know, we have been thinking of moving back to PA, and this trip didn’t make things easier. I did miss our ‘life’ in Florida, too. I wish we could split our time between both states…and live there evenly, but…we can’t. One of the most heart-warming moments during the trip, was we got together in our old neighborhood…we caught up with ALL of our old friends/neighbors…and they threw us the biggest party…I couldn’t believe they went to all that trouble for us! See, we just have not had that same experience in Florida…and I don’t think we ever will. It was definitely hard to leave. :frowning:

Not sure what to do…we are leaving it in God’s hands. My dh loves Florida, but said he would move back there if we collectively agree it would be good for us.

Well…sometimes God brings us signs, right? I went to lunch with my boss and he asked if I ever consider moving back…I was truly shocked. I said…um, yeah…but there’s lot to consider. He said there is always a place for you here…and we can work things out to make it worth your while.

It surprised me because I have not said ONE WORD to anyone about my homesick feelings of Pittsburgh. :shrug: Very interesting twist during the trip.

So, I would not move unless I make the same money here…and since I didn’t get a raise last year, they should leave my salary as is, hopefully. My husband, being at Disney, I think he would be marketable to hotels and casinos that have gone up since we’ve been gone…around Pittsburgh.

Two things to consider…1) my son would be doing his senior year in Pittsburgh, but he seems ok with that…and 2) there are not as many ‘modern’ built homes in Pittsburgh…which is plentiful in Florida…I do LOVE where we live…so, those are my concerns. Unless we bought right away, then there would be more options…because there are more homes that are modern around our kids’ old school district, for sale.

So…would you pray for us? Would you chime in here, and let me know your thoughts? :o Thanks!*


*Probably one of the most important turning points, was when we visited my MIL…I just miss her so much. She is so frail now…and nearly blind. Still doing great mentally, but…physically she is suffering. Please put her in your prayers, would you? She fell showing my dd how she used to bowl when she was a teenager…I felt so bad! :frowning: She is 87, and is having a tough time admitting she is up in age. So, that is another thing–we really miss her being back in FL, and it would be great to be able to have her live with us parttime. (She currently lives with one of my dh’s brothers, but they seem to be overwhelmed at times with her) That is probably the greatest selling point to moving back for my dh…he is concerned with his mom’s health, and none of the brothers and sisters want to put her in an asst living place…I know she wouldn’t want to go there and I wouldn’t want to see her there, either.

Just wanted to mention that, as it is definitely a driving factor for our consideration. I am just so confused!!*


Welcome back “Weg” :wave: Glad you had a good time. But I’m sorry to hear that you’re so torn. I know the feeling. I haven’t been home to California in 12 years. :nope:

I highlighted this part, because it really got to me. Your poor, sweet MIL. I will keep her in my prayers. She is exactly the age of my mother. It sounds like she’s still mobile, though… if she’s able to demonstrate bowling maneuvers. But I’m so sorry that she fell! Bless her heart.

I’ll keep you and your husband and kids in my prayers too. I know that this is a HUGE decision for you to make. But God will show you His way.

MV :slight_smile:


You will be in my prayers…You should make a list of all pros and cons of living in Florida and living in Pennsylvania…maybe that will help you make a final decision…


We won’t consider moving right now because of having our extended family close where we are now. My mom is ‘only’ 75, but has some health issues and we are discussing having her move in with us.

For me to have family close is a very high priority. I know some people have family they just can’t be around, but I would give up a higher income to be close to family.

Things like home design can always be updated a bit. I realize that it can be expensive to do a complete remodel, but a bit of updating can help an older home without costing too much. We are looking at older homes, because newer models have such open floor plans that it can be hard to get privacy with extended family living together!

Anyway, glad you had a great visit!


I know, much to consider…and I will make the pros and cons sheet! Thank you kindly for your prayers everyone…wouldn’t it be nice to live 6 months up north, and 6 months down south? :smiley:


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