Back issues of This Rock help apologists?


I was wondering if there are missionaries or prisons somewhere who would appreciate the years of back issues of This Rock that I have in my home? I’m looking to de-clutter but thought there may be some apologists somewhere who would appreciate the wealth of information.


I’m in college…it’s sort of a mission field (considering today’s secular bent)…do I qualify?


Absolutely. Where do I mail them? I’ll cover the postage. It’s about 8 years worth, hope you have room. Would you like some back issues of the Couple to Couple League Magazine as well? In case you’re not familiar with them, their group is about Natural Family Planning. Those magazines would be good to share with the women on campus, heck for the men as well.


I can’t think of a better recipent than RyanL…Good Job Ariane!!! Your generosity will be much appeciated by RyanL he is a good guy!


Before you go posting them, :eek: RyanL, you might wanna check out this link:

List of years on the left.

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