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ok, the last thread went really off in a number of different directions. My question is, why do Protestants talk as if the finished work of Christ Crucified is not acknowledged by the Catholic Church? I have been told that because we are all saved, we no longer are bound by the sacraments, etc…there is so much I can’t even remember.

So really, what’s this book out to prove?


First things first… the Sacraments are the ways Jesus Christ imparts scantifying grace (what you must have in your soul to get to heaven) to the members of his church… Your right, Jesus Christ died so that we might live, but that’s not a license to run crazy doing anything you wish because Christ died for you so now you don’t have to worry about the type of life you live… that’s the once saved always saved which is not Scriptural, Traditional or Logical… never has been, never was… it’s only the teaching of certain reformers that spread that line… As to why non-catholics feel the way, or believe that way is because that’s what the pulpit taught them… But Please, don’t confuse the Scaraments as if they were something of a burden that we are bound with… they are where the face of God touches down on this earth and gives us the opportunity to touch him back… :thumbsup:


why do Protestants talk as if the finished work of Christ Crucified is not acknowledged by the Catholic Church?

…because we (Catholics) meditate on the crucifix than an empty cross. I am a former Presbyterian. Protestants don’t appreciate the idea of the re-presentation of Jesus’ sacrifice in the Eucharist. They think that if we are constantly meditating on the death of Jesus, that we aren’t remembering that Jesus rose from the dead as well.

…also because of confession. Catholics continually go to confession to have their sins forgiven. Most Protestant churches rely on rather the idea of once saved, always saved. Their belief that Jesus is God’s Son and praying for God’s forgiveness privately is all that is required for their sins to be forgiven they think.

…also the verse about Christ did not come to abolish the law but fulfill it sort of falls on deaf ears. They think that the Old Law was washed away and something more like personal interpretation of the Scriptures was put in its place rather than actually looking at how the Old Law was being fulfilled by the doctrines of the Catholic church.
Sorry, this is a bit rambly. It’s too late to think theologically.

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