'Back to Church Sunday' Calls Millions in U.K

An annual nationwide initiative in the United Kingdom known as “Back to Church Sunday” is inviting half a million people back to church on Sunday, Sep 27.

Last year as a result of the event, 37,000 people took up the invitation to try church again with more than 31,000 of them coming back to an Anglican church.

One of those that came back to church last year was grandmother Lily Goodlad who was invited by her daughter Caroline to attend Holy Trinity church in Wakefield located in northern England.

“I said, 'Come on mom,” Caroline said. “Come with us just this one Sunday. And (she) said, ‘Oh alright I’ll give it a go,’ and she felt the warmth and the love from the church right from the beginning like we did.”

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I lived in England from 1950 to 1964 having moved there from Ireland to a city of over 100,000 people with one Catholic Parish. There were a few English Catholics who survived the reformation but most of the people in the parish were immigrants from Ireland or Europe.The parish Priest was a convert from the Church of England and was much loved by all.I must say the ordinary working class English people I lived among, although nominally C.of E.were not church goers, even so I found them tolerant of Catholics and good living honest people whom I grew to respect.I hope they will return to the True Church one day and England will again be called The Dowry of Mary Irish Tom

I was encouraged to read this…my husband is C of E, but very non-practicing. When we went to England for our honeymoon, I went to a Catholic church for Sunday Mass, and was shocked that hardly any parishioners were there in this great big BEAUTIFUL Church! Reading this article encouraged me, because there are so many good people there in England. I hope that country comes back to the true Faith as it was in history.

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