Back to School


It is coming close to back to school time where I live. I have two pre-schoolers and four older kids. My wife and I went to enroll the two middle boys in school and I took the little ones out to the playground. My oldest son reminded me that when he was afraid of the school that we had gone out to the play ground the week before school and hidden several smiley face stickers under the swings and on a stump or two just outside the fence and a few other places. I told him that he wasn’t alone there because he could always look for one of those stickers as a sign to remember the fun we had playing and know that I loved him.

Sadly we didn’t find any stickers left after the five or so years since we had placed them, but he remembered where they had been. It would have been a nice close to this story. We do still have one of the stickers from that sheet on my tool box–visible in the garage everyday.

Does anyone else have a pleasant thought about back to school?


Cute story! :slight_smile:

My boys started back to school this past week… 2nd grade and Kindergarten.
I always write little “love notes” and put them in their lunch boxes and they both comment how they love finding them. But yesterday my 2nd-grader mentioned that another child makes fun of him about the notes, but he insightfully said, “I think he was just jealous, so I gave him my note and he really liked that. Is that okay, Mommy?”
“Yes, that’s very okay… you’re a good boy!” :love:


I'm a teacher, and in early August I start praying for a good back to school attitude.

It's too easy to moan and complain that break is over, as I hear other teachers doing. I'm grateful to be in a faithful, Catholic school; I start every school day in the chapel. How many people get to start their workday in front of the tabernacle?! :thumbsup:

My pleasant thought is: it's a new school year, so let's have a positive attitude about the adventures to come!


We started school two days ago, Wednesday. DD is in fifth, the other, ds, is in second grade. Got a call yesterday that dd was sick. Got her home and she’s running a temp of 102.8 F. She’s home today, doing better than yesterday but still running a low grade fever.

SCHOOL JUST STARTED!!! :banghead: Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come. :frowning:


The kids here started school this week, mostly - one district starts Monday. I am very optomistic so far.

My highschooler got to take real electives for the very first time this year and he is over-the-moon excited about one of his classes.

My other child had his first homework yesterday. They always do journaling and he hates it. But the first journal prompt was to write about their expectations for the coming school year. I glanced at his work and he went on for a page and a half (only a paragraph is required). He told me he wrote that he is expecting a very good year. He is not my most expressive child so I think that’s a very good sign. :slight_smile:


What a good story and a great idea, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


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