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So, Monday we had dinner again. First time in a few weeks simply because I was recovering from a surgery. UGH! What an ordeal.

We didn’t talk much. Since I’m still a little worn out, we watched a “movie” after dinner. It was all about the “organization” behind the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They call them Bethelites. These folks work for the Watchtower in all capacities from printing and translating to cooking and cleaning the “residences” where these folks live. Most of the film was of the printing process of all the Watchtower’s publications. I think I was supposed to be impressed. I tried my best not to say anything negative, so basically I kept my mouth shut.

I really felt as if these poor folks were enslaved to the devil, living and working for nothing other than a lie, as it was pointed out to me that these folks do all this for “free” as volunteers for the “glory” of Jehovah! Oi.

The film was a little dated, and the ladies watching it seemed enthralled by all this stuff! I wanted to say, Jesus didn’t say “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my organization!” but I guess that revelation will have to wait for another day. I guess all this proves is that if you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything. The most prevelant thought that went through my mind in watching all this tadoo over the printing process of the Watchtower, was how could these folks actually believe that this is what God had in mind when He sent His Apostles out to preach to the world the Good News - do they actually believe it would take the computer age before this would be possible?

The film of course concluded with the mantra of total despair that these folks seem to adore - “Just imagine how wonderful the world will be when the ‘system’ of things is concluded and we all live in a paradise on earth?” Lord, please help me to be patient.

Thursday evening I’m visiting one of their “book studies” in which a little book of JW meditations on the Gospel is gone over. I can hardly wait. This is where heavy indoctrination takes places. You read a paragraph and then the moderator asks pre-set questions about the text, and the only affirmed answers are those that basically re-state what is written in the paragraph. Actual personal thoughts on the meaing of the Gospel is taboo. Please pray for me and these gals. I’m hangin’ in there for a while more, at least for now anyway.

Peace and all good,


P.S. For those who are interested, we had chicken and angel hair for dinner and some nice cool cucumber salad. It was too hot to cook much.

You should have cooked some blood sausages for dinner! :smiley:

I’ll pray for your continued patience and recovery. :thumbsup: Their Watchtower studies and book studies sound very similiar.

This is the first time I’ve ever read a post by you. I’ll go back and read some of your former posts to catch up. Why were they so excited about this publishing dealie?

[quote=Jdg164]This is the first time I’ve ever read a post by you. I’ll go back and read some of your former posts to catch up. Why were they so excited about this publishing dealie?

Their Watchtower and Awake magazines are two of their largest study/evangelizing aids. Then there are all their various books and booklets, tracts that they use in their door-to-door ministry.

[quote=AmandaPS]Their Watchtower and Awake magazines are two of their largest study/evangelizing aids. Then there are all their various books and booklets, tracts that they use in their door-to-door ministry.

They also make wonderful birdcage and litterbox liners.

[quote=Apologia100]They also make wonderful birdcage and litterbox liners.

Be nice.

Hello Apologia,

No, I didn’t make “blood” sausages - shame on you. It isn’t very nice to make poor jokes at the expense of others.

In case you haven’t found this out yet, JWs are children of God and these poor souls haven’t even the grace of a valid Baptism! Many are scared to death to even think about leaving their “organization.” I’ve opened my home and my Bible to them, and over the weeks that we’ve been talking, there has been a change in their approach and attitude. I sincerely don’t want to give them a bad impression of Catholicism. I may be the only Jesus they meet and I’m doing my best to help them see the real side of Catholicism that they don’t get taught about in their little Watchtower studies. If I’ve made any progress, it is simply because I’m acting like a Christian and being charitable. And even though my temperment is inclined to impatience and I have to bite my tongue alot in talking with them, at least I’m making an effort to help them “cross the Jordan.”

Apologia, I hope this helps you understand my trepidation with you comment.

Peace and all good,


[quote=AmandaPS]Their Watchtower and Awake magazines are two of their largest study/evangelizing aids. Then there are all their various books and booklets, tracts that they use in their door-to-door ministry.

Yes, thank you Amanda. I actually did know what their magazines are, I was just inquiring as to why this video was such a big deal to them. There are a group of JW’s who attempt to visit my mom (who lives in Mich) every Saturday morning at about 9 or 10 am. My mom is a very faithful Catholic and very unabashed about her faith. She used to have conversations with them but eventually tired of running around in circles so now she has a sign on her door with with an icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe on it. It states, “This is a Catholic home. We do not accept propaganda from Protestants or other sects. Long live Christ the King! Long live the Virgen of Guadalupe, Mother of God!” So every Saturday morning while she is sleeping in (she will be 60 in about a month) the doorbell rings 2 times, and a small pile of tracts and magazines are left on her doorstep.

I admire what you are attempting to do Thomas2. It sounds like this takes a great amount of patience, time,- and food! Let us know ahead of time so we can pray for your special events with the JW’s.

Sorry I didn’t advertise, but I occationally use humor to let people know that apologetics isn’t all straight-laced seriousness. Even Karl Keating himself engages in humor. Get people to smile first, and they will be more interested in your message. :thumbsup:


I went to the “book study” tonight and got confronted. I was asked to wait after others left to “talk” things over out of our Bibles. I should have seen it coming. I had a choice - either deny that Jesus is God and accept jehovah or forget it. That’s basically all I can say.

I did get a few good questions in before I left. Like how come Thomas said My Lord and My God after touching Jesus’ wounds and if it says that in the Bible how can it be wrong? I also asked how come the Truth was witheld for approximately 1870 years until some guy by the name of Judge Rutherford found a typographical error in a KJV of the Bible and claimed it was actually the “revelation” of God’s personal name? I also asked the leader of this book study how come in the OT God’s name couldn’t be written because to even speak His Holy Name under the Old Covenant was Blasphemy and the punishment was to be stoned to death for it? He atutally tried to point out in Hebrews that Cain killed Abel because “something” was wrong with Abel’s worship of God and so God had him killed by Cain to get rid of him! OKIE DOKIE! Cain, to this poor man, was the right one and Abel deserved to die because he wasn’t pleasing to God anymore? Have ya got that maties? Beam me up Scottie!!! At least I don’t have to listen to them denigrate the United States anymore and joke about how it won’t be long till this evil system is done away with anymore! That reeeeeeealllly got my goat since we’re at war. I can’t handle too much talk like that without my blood pressure rising. Sheesh.

So, my Monday evening are open now…anyone want dinner?

Peace and all good,


I was a Jehovah’s Witness from the time I was 16 until I was 25. Finally, God opened my eyes and I saw the truth about Jesus (JW’s do NOT believe he is God, but rather just a really important angel) It is a very sad life - the Jehovah they know is very judgemental and without mercy. I would ask that everyone reading this would please say a prayer for all those who sincerely believe what they are doing is pleasing to God, however misguided they may be. I had wonderful friends when I was a JW - young and old who devoted their entire lives to the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. They were good people who had been decieved by the Devil. Be thankful that you aren’t one of them.

You gave it your best, Thomas. :thumbsup:

My wife was a former JW, too. My father-in-law was a JW, but was “excommunicated” by his congregation when he began to believe in the Trinity. He is still wandering though what Church he wants to attend. My mother-in-law and sis-in-law are still JW members.

My wife converted to Catholicism when she realized that I was “more Christian” in my belief than what she was used to in JW. Well, praise be to God for that! You see, when we actually show our faith to others, it hits them head on. She now has a free apologetics course from time to time from me.:wink:

It’s sad though that I can’t speak Spanish since my mother-in-law can’t understand English, and she only speaks Spanish. My sis-in-law lives far from where we live, so we can’t really talk much about our faith. The only option left we have is to pray. And I say also that we pray for these people (JW) that they may realize that they are in the wrong side of the road.

BTW, my wife said that they really don’t have true worship in their churches. When they gather together, they (ministers)will just feed your mind with their well-scripted topics. My father-in-law said that what the JW hates most are the Catholics since they are very hard to convert.


The JW's came as always, and I took their literature, read through it. They do have many half truths, they claim Jesus was crucified on a stake, etc.

The only I liked about their magazine was they stated it was a sin to torture animals, other than that the JW religion is not for me.

Actually to be honest, I very rarely read anything that they gave me, and that only to find out what I needed to know. I don’t have a lot of reading time on my hands so I don’t waste it reading a magazine that I know before I open it up, that it is going to be filled with lies and half-truths. It is dangerous stuff too!!! I’m only human and if even Peter, the Rock, can deny Christ when He needed his steadfastness the most, who am I to tempt the fates by reading that garbage? See what I mean. I read my Bible and prayed instead and when they spoke poppycock, I had the right Words to respond with. The thing I think is to know my faith better, not so much theirs. I’m no real apologist. I’m just a disabled widow who converted and has a few unanswered questions in her silly head. I honestly wanted to know what these folks believe and I found out from their telling it.

I really feel sorry for them too. They all seem so sad in their hearts and the act they put on is that, just an act. They work really hard at maintaining the proper “image” but when they let that image go and show their real feelings like I experienced the other night, they really are very hate-filled and negative people. I was verbally attacked by several folks and treated like dirt since they figured I wasn’t going to “join” them. The saddest was this young woman who was putting on the perfect mommy show with her darling children just a few minutes before! If you could have seen the hate in her eyes when she told me what she really thinks about the Trinity and me for being so stupid as to believe that God could die, etc…, well, let’s just say I’m praying all the harder for these folks.

Maybe that’s all God wanted from me anyway - to get a closer look at how much others are missing when they wander after this stuff and how complacent I must have been becoming in taking His mercy to me for granted. I really have been praying and offering small stuff for them and will always pray for the JW’s for the rest of my days. They really are in a type of spiritual bondage and need much help in getting out. I really wish there was more of a Catholic outreach to them in some way.

God bless you Carol Marie and Gomez and all you who have escaped the snare of the fowler and found refuge in the Church. I’ll probably always get a little miffed now at the JW jokes that get told and I know if they come knocking again, I’ll just have to invite them to dinner again and perhaps something else will happen.

Please, all of you, pray for these poor lost souls. If you could only see how sad their children look - they are given a god that is no-god and no real sacramental grace at all to get through life. I can’t imagine how isolated and alone they must feel.

Peace and all good,


Thomas the fact that JW’s practice shunning and do not value education in the least, raises some serious red flags.

I did not know about the education factor until recently.


Good try. They will be really nice until the realize you won’t convert. Then they drop you like a rock. They don’t want to risk being accused of associating with a non-jw. I invited one into my rectory, but told him he would be praying the rosary by the time our discussion ended. He decided he didn’t really want to talk to me.

Thank you for the warm laughter you brought me. I, too, work with some JW’s and their belief is quite strong. I wish them every holiday greeting when the time comes, and they really are speechless. I wish I had your patients, but I would laugh in their face. Good Luck


Those posts were too funny :rotfl: I agree, sometimes humour can be the best medicine. St Lawrence pray for us!!


Chill out. If you’ve read Appologia’s posts then you know that of course she understands that these JW’s you’ve been associating with are children of God. I for one am getting sincerely tired at being “reprimanded” everytime I try to liven things up by making a sarcastic or humourous comment. So, cut us some slack, OK brothah???

My particular experience with JW’s is fairly limmited. Nearly every time I have come across them, from Mexico City to Palermo, they seem to recruit from the ugliest and dourest looking people. I’m wondering if there is a correlation. And from Selena to Michael Jackson, it don’t take a brain surgeon to see how dysfunctional they are. I used to work with a former JW’s whose father not only beat the wife routinely, but also abused the 3 boys (2 of them are now gay) and sexually abused the daughter. The daughter then started dating and having sex with older men when she was 14. The father found out and confronted her, and said if she didn’t denounce her sins in front of the entire JW Kingdom Hall, then he would take her to the doctor and have her “fixed” (she never knew what he meant, but it scared her enough to comply). She was then shunned (of course she didn’t dare tell them about what her father had been doing). She is the only one who still has any contact with her mother, but none of them speak to their father.

But in all fairness, I also did work with 2 other JW’s who were from Acapulco and were incredible babes. The only two JW’s that have ever caught my eyes. Anyway, I’m rambling…

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