Bad ads in YouTube videos


Hi this is another werid question would it be a sin to accidently see inappropriate ads on videos YouTube videos I’m not just speaking for my self my dad and my brother and my 2 sisters watch a lot of online videos with ads on them sometimes they can be really evil ads and I immediately look away when something like this turns up but the question is would it be bad to continue using these sites to watch videos


It’s not a sin to see something accidentally. And as someone who watches YouTube, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything that is that egregious.

However, if you feel it is a problem for you, feel free not to watch YouTube. Just don’t try to apply that to your dad or siblings watching it.


But someone who is watching YouTube right now and now that there can be these types of ads on it aren’t committing a sin I know that YouTube does a very good job on keeping there ads tame but I’ve come across the ads before but I haven’t seen them for a bit


So I also shouldn’t tell my dad and siblings about this


No, it isn’t. The key word here is “accidental”. It came up, and there was nothing you could do to stop it.

As a few tips to maybe get more appropriate ads:

  1. On the side bar for YouTube (you might have to click the three lines at the top left to see it), go to “Settings” (scroll down if necessary), and at the bottom of the settings page you should see “Restricted Mode”. Click that and turn it on. That will affect YouTube in general, but it will also filter out ads that it deems inappropriate.

  2. On YouTube, there is a little “i” with a circle around it on the lower left with “Ad” and a timer next to it. This will give you the chance to select “Stop seeing this ad.” They might ask for a reason.

  3. If you’re using a Google account, you have a little control over ad content. Go to your Google account, select “Ad Settings” under “Personal info & Privacy”, and select “Manage Ad Settings” on the card at the top. This will let you select the topics Google uses to select ads. You can choose to ignore topics that seem to be the cause of the inappropriate ads.

  4. Failing all else, use an ad blocker on YouTube use YouTube Red to remove ads. This should not be necessary. Restricted Mode might be enough. The second and third options are just to help you better your ad experience through Google and take care of anything that trickles through.

Edit: Forgot about YouTube Red.


Well, certainly don’t suggest they are sinning by seeing a YouTube ad. I’ve never seen one that is objectively sinful, so they are not sinning.

If the ads lead you to sin, then only you are affected. However, given this and other threads, you probably should have a chat with a priest who is well-versed in scrupulosity.


Thank you so much I will listen to your intstuction and yes I have had restricted mode on for a while Andy I told my dad to put it on as well but I’m so happy you told me about the other things I will go do that now thank you so much I will be back


Ok I’m back sorry I took so long I had to do something else but I’m not sure if I fixed it but I did do something that might also fix I went into ad settings and it said turn of personaliziotion ads and it said that it will turn of the ads that were related with your history and it will be replaced with ads that might not be useful to you it might work


Oh my gosh sorry I have to go again I will be back in less then and hour or so I’m not sure thank you for your help


@ZMystiCat , I use adBlock on YouTube .

I think it’s great because I don’t like pesky adverts .

Plus it blocks adverts on websites other than YouTube .


We’re do I get Adblock



Thank so much Ima using this now God bless


I came upon a video that talked of St. Faustina (I believe) and her views on Purgatory. There was an ad, before the video played, that belonged to the LDS church! I didn’t know about any other options, so, I went to the page that hosted the video, and reported it there. Hopefully, the owners will look into it. I’ve never hosted a video of my own…just watch other’s videos…but I think YouTube should have been more sensitive. I don’t know if it ever was changed, as I forgot to bookmark the page.


Guys, bear in mind you’re taking to someone who is clearly very young and very anxious. Best bet is to tell him to take these questions to his parents.


Sorry i am actually very anxious I did tell my dad to put on the restricted mode


I did kind of take it to my parent


Based on this thread and on your posting history, it appears that you are scrupulous. You really should ask these questions to your parents and to your priest, and seek help offline. Continuing to post these questions here will not help you to overcome your anxiety about things.

You are in my prayers.


A long time ago thought


Nothing accidental is a sin. If it weighs on you confess it, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve sinned at all. Consider using an adblocker for certain websites.

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