Bad/coarse language in thoughts

Hi there,

I understand that bad language is normally a venial sin.

Does the sin change if it is in relation to a priest.

In examining my conscience about something I wanted to make sure that I did not think a derogatary thought about a priest (the particular thought I was worrying about would have been extremely sinful). I realised that I hadn’t thought anything derogatory(I’m 100% sure about this) but in my examination of conscience I used some coarse language in my head while describing the situation.

There was another situation where I had a thought that a priest was good looking, but used a coarse word in my head. Again, I am 100% sure that I didn’t think any lustful or inappropriate thoughts - I just used a coarse word to describe the situation.

I am assuming that these situations are not mortally sinful as there was no ill intention in my thoughts - rather, the use of coarse/bad language.

Any thoughts

These are the types of behavior that will change over time as you grow spiritually. Continue to pray seek God’s will in you life and your behavior will change. Don’t ruminate over small things.

You have reflected and decided it was a sin. Ask God’s forgiveness and continue to move forward. Don’t reinforce scrupulous behavior.

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