bad company

i am having a hard time staying away from someone who i think God wants me to minimize contact with. I know it is probably better for me to stay away and pray for him from a safe distance but i am weak in this area. i am getting involved in my church so i have better options of people to spend time with. this person does not care for himself responsibly and has an irreverent attitude toward God. I feel like his attitude affects me on a spiritual or soul level? yet i am attracted to him so i get confused and conflicted. over all though i think God wants me to cut down contact at least for now. If anyone has advice, encouragement, similar situation could you please share?

The title of this thread is “bad company”, and you have said that you believe God would want you to minimize your contact with this person. When one enters into a relationship, sometimes, our feelings can make it harder for us to make the right choices.

We need to make choices based on what we think is right, even above our feelings, at times. This can be hard, but from my own personal experience, I can tell you that as hard as it would be to try to distance yourself, now, it’d be even harder should you try to wait.
If you think you need to do this, my suggestion, which you can take or leave, is to do this very soon before your feelings get stronger, and resisting becomes even more difficult.

I say trust your feelings on this one. Pray about it and you will get the right answer.

May the Holy Spirit guide you and may God bless you

Custódi nos, Dómine, ut pupíllam óculi.
Sub umbra alárum tuárum prótege nos.

We make rational decisions with our heads and not our hearts. (I don’t mean we ignore the feelings we have, but that rational thought must prevail.) You only list your attraction as a reason to stay with him. Do you respond to God’s concern for you over the power of your attraction for this friend? In other words- do you choose immediate gratification over eternal life in heaven? If being in his presence causes an attraction that is a temptation to sin, you need to separate.

Follow your God-given insights into what is right. I know it will hurt. Choices always do. We cannot choose one thing without rejecting another.But it will be best for you. Don’t rely merely on your own powers to withstand him. Pray for strength. Talk to your friend. The Holy Spirit will fsend you the words you need to say. Just be kind.


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