Bad Comparison by Some Non-Believers

I am no expert of history, but do you think that non-believers who compare historical Jesus to Santa or some other mythical person are misinformed? I mean, the majority of historians agree historical Jesus walked this Earth. Whether he was Christ, that is up for debate, but being Catholic, I believe in his Deity.

But really, thoughts on this? This is open to everyone, so non-believers, give your view on historical Jesus too.

If you also have evidence to support your claim, please provide it… For example, Josephus and the ‘Antiquities of the Jews’. Stuff like that.

Please remember, this is not a debate on whether Jesus was the Christ. It is a thread targeted toward many non-believers claiming historical Jesus did not even exist. Thanks!

I spent some time watching this video a few months ago, and found it really informative: The lecture was given by Dr Peter Williams (


Thanks for the reply. I will try to watch the lecture tomorrow.

As far as I know, Jesus the man existed. Now it’s certainly possible that much that was written about him is fabricated (for example, I’ve always wondered how they got down his exact words when he was alone with Pilot or Herod, or among a screaming crowd - certainly no one was taking notes there!). I agree with you that comparing Jesus the man’s existence with Santa Claus’s is a silly comparison.

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