Bad confession?

I went to confession just 2 days after my last one because I was confused/distraught about looking at some sexual pix online. I was shocked to walk in and find myself face to face with a priest and embarrassed to say it had only been 2 days! I told him what I had done and asked if it was a sin. He asked some questions and I think I kept cutting him off (it’s hard to remember when I am so nervous). We talked for a while and there was a long line when I came out and only about 10 minutes left! I felt embarrassed like I had taken too much time and also about how non-organized and confused I was. The priest told me it was OK to ask questions in confession but I still feel weird about it. I made an act of contrition and he gave absolution. I did not feel great remorse, but went to confession because I really am trying to follow God and felt that I needed to deal with it right away. I never made a confession like this before-I’ve also always felt great relief afterwards but not this time. I’ve always before just listed my sins quickly. I also committed the exact same sin again tonight so now I’ll need to confess it again! Was this a bad confession? What do you do if you’re not sure if something is a sin and even after talking to a priest still aren’t sure?

I think it’s better to schedule an appointment with a priest for confession if you have a lot of questions to ask, but you did nothing wrong.

For a “good” (valid) confession you need to honestly examine your conscience, confess all of your mortal sins and how many times you’ve committed them, be repentant of your sins and make a sincere decision not to sin again, and do the penance assigned to you.

Whether you feel sorry for your sins doesn’t actually affect the validity of your confession. I had the same problem, I stopped sinning not because I actually felt sorry but because God says it’s wrong and whether or not I understand why and feel bad about it, I need to stop, and that’s what I assumed you did? You confessed with the intention not to sin again?

The attitude is not “I will never sin ever again for the rest of my life.” because you know you will and then you’ll develop a helpless “This will never change, what’s the point of confession?” attitude and that’s the worst thing. The attitude is that “I will try not to sin again” and you should avoid whatever tempts you. If you sin again, go to confession. I think it gets easier every time.

What do you do if you’re not sure if something is a sin and even after talking to a priest still aren’t sure?

Is this about viewing sexual pics online? If so, then yes this is a sin. It’s against chastity to look at porn. If this is about something else…and you talked to the priest and he didn’t give you a straight answer then ask another priest. Or if he did give you an answer but you think he’s wrong then I guess you could ask another priest but I doubt the priest would be wrong.

Jesus,our Lords peace be whit You.
So You look at some pictures that You realy did not want to? We all do it,it is stupid,but we do because whe are only human. I am glad to hear that You felt bad about it,that shows that You in a way confessed straight to God thru Your soul. There is no “bad confession” and the priest do not look at his watch all the timebut as You wos adviced in one ansver,it is better to take some time when both the priest and You have moore time. Confession is atleast here in Finland before mass or You can ask when the priest have time to meet You. That way You have the time to “open up”. I think that what You realy want to know is how often we can confess and did You overreact in this matter. We can of course confess every day,but if we need to do so,we may have a closer look on our life and see if there is something we are doing wrong and then feel that confession is in order. “Small sins” will be forgiven thru our own prayers,rosary as one example,so what You can do is that every time You do a “small sin” pray a rosery. And what comes to “big sins” or “mortal sins” You need to confess,on that issue I would like to advice You to make a short list of what You want to tell,and doing that list You may find that all is not “big sins”. And as I advice everyone,when ever temptations come our way,pray,pray,and pray. That praying will take our mind from what we are doing,and that way stop us. The rosary is the best weapon against sin. Keep it always whit You,and even if You cant pray at the time,keep it Your hand or just touch it in Your pocket. That will do the trick.

“Is this about viewing sexual pics online?”

Yes, that is what I meant. If one views them for educational reasons only to improve ones sex life with married spouse (not for personal arousal), is it still wrong? Although I admit, that might excuse it one time but not a second time.

“I think that what You realy want to know is how often we can confess and did You overreact in this matter.”

Yes, you are correct. That is what is bothering me now–I realized it when you said it. Thank you for your help. I have read that sexual sins are ALL mortal. But is that really true?

Yes. ALL sexual sins are grave matter. Whether they are mortal depends on whether the person committing them had full knowledge and gave full consent.

Since it is very easy for us to rationalize and make excuses for ourselves, it is always best to bring such sins to confession as quickly as possible. You did right in going to confession so soon. God bless you. Be at peace.

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