bad cough


I need someone to offer a sacrifice for me to get over a really nasty cough, for the healing of my friends relationship, and my own relationship. God Bless.


I’ll be praying for your intentions today, and God bless you and bring you healing and peace and joy.


I’ll be praying for these intentions, but have to ask if you’ve been to a doctor yet. Go if you have not. I am battling bronchitis and got on antibiotics yesterday. It’s amazing how one day of medicine can make such an improvement! Thank God for medicine!


I will offer a Hail Mary for you, Hail Mary. I just LOVE your username. :slight_smile:

May you get better soon! Prayers for your other intentions as well! :thumbsup:


I pray for healing.


I haven’t been to the doctors yet and may go if this doesn’t get any better. I’m taking “Robitussin Cough & Cold” and this is my 2nd bottle (almost finished it) since Thursday last week. I won’t be taking any OTC meds after this is done since its not recommended.


Thanks, all of you, for your prayers.


Praying for your bodily health. Hope it’s gotten better or at least better medicated.

Praying for your relationship healings also. May the spirit watch over you and your friends and family for peace and comfort.


I hope you’re feeling better.


Today was the first day I actually could breathe some-what normally!


Good! I hope you continue to get better.


I will pray for your intentions. :gopray:


Offered up a Hail Mary for you (just a coincidence)!


Hope you feel better physically and spiritually!


I pray for your healing and agree with you about the OTC cough meds which sometimes if used in excess can cause more problems. I know, I have been there…

God Bless…



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