Bad Flu This Year! Stay Home Please!

Looks as though this years flu is already ramping up. Airborne and no vaccine for this strain.

If you’re coughing and sneezing please stay home! If you go to Mass please skip the Challis and hand shakes!

I wish more priest would mention this. Without fail I see people wiping their noses and presenting their hand to me! Sneezing coughing obviously ill. Accepting Blood Of Christ etc… It is truly unbelievable if you watch!

I know Mass is a great place for healing but its the intension that counts.

Blessings and stay well!



Yes, the flu is bad. Cardinal Dolan missed Midnight Mass this year because of it. I also am avoiding handshaking where possible, in favor of using an upraised hand to signal peace instead (many other folks are doing the same).

However, you can’t assume that everyone who is wiping their nose in church has flu or is contagious. I have a chronic sinus condition when the weather changes, that causes my nose to run. I do not have any type of cold, flu or fever. I try to avoid coughing and nose blowing in church but sometimes it is necessary. I have known others with similar conditions involving sinuses or smokers cough or whatever. You are free to not shake hands (just use an upraised hand) or skip receiving from the cup or just use lots of hand sanitizer if you are concerned, but I doubt that every single person who happens to sneeze or cough during Mass is infectious. If I were to stay home from Mass every time my nose was running, I’d be missing Mass for most of every winter.


If you forego the Chalice, make sure you reverence it as you pass. (slight nod or bow).
It is the Blood of Christ.
Stay healthy out there people!


I remember when I was young, we were supposed to wear white gloves to Mass (among other places). It seems like this might be a good way to avoid looking unfriendly while still staying safe?

Of course, that would not help with the chalice…


Gloves would only help if one is not touching their face or coughing into them or touching others.

But they will not help airborne germs at all.

You can use the face masks that the Japanese do to protect against airborne illness. I have seen Japanese people literally everywhere including at work and at rock festivals with them on, because if they get some kind of a sniffle while traveling outside their country, Customs might not let them back in when they get home.

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They do it in Japan, too. Face masks are considered normative in daily life.

Our Bishop had our Priests in the Diocese read a statement at the weekend Masses before the Christmas Masses that yes it was bad, yes you’re excused if you are truly sick and PLEASE do NOT come to Mass if you even think you are sick-contagious. Because of the confined spaces and so many people together it would not take much to get others sick.

When I was over my flu/whatever I had I received Communion in the hand instead of on the tongue for a few times just to be sure. Poor Priests imagine all of the many possibilities of getting this with ALL of those they come in contact with through Communion. Plus all of the extra Christmas Masses they were more tired and their resistence was down.

Louisiana “made the national news” because we were one of the first and worst hit states with this flu mess. Believe me it is GOING around.

PRAYING for all of those who get this and for those who they MUST be around.


Right, it’s normal there and dozens of people wear them, it’s considered good manners. I was noting “outside their country” because when they are doing it in the US or Germany etc. they are often the only one in the room or on the street who has a mask on, and they are fine with that. Similarly, the vast majority of people in US aren’t going to be wearing facemasks because it’s not normative for us, but if someone was truly worried about airborne illness or had a special susceptibility, they could wear such a mask, even if they were the only one.

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Yeah. I missed 24, 25 and my Adoration slot so far. I’m thinking there are 2 varieties, but I’m not a MD. Sis has the coughing, fever and throwing up kind. Mine moved directly to my lungs and pneumonia and fever.

I cant, in good conscious, go to Mass, and contaminate a bunch of people.

Wear a mask if you go outdoors.

Praying for all.


Bad flu? I had the good flu a little while ago.

Well, after my flu injection it felt like I had the flu that evening.

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I have a cough and I’m tired of getting people sick. I don’t feel I should go to Mass then. I’m also in another country at the moment and its cold so that doesn’t do me good

There are two varities, but how they manifest is different in every person.

Unfortunately, so far the only people with the full-blown flu have been those who had their shots. My friend who’s a doctor said that the shot was a total dud this year. Best case scenario its going to be 30% of the strains. He said that so far in the North East, it’s covering less than 10% of the current strains that they’ve verified. Now, that is people going to the Dr or hospital who have verified strains, but it really dosn’t bode well for health this year.

That’s what I heard. It’s important to consider being in close quarters with pregnant women, newborns, the elderly, and other immune compromised individuals.

I am only just beginning to get over some sort of viral thing that kept me out of work for three days. Don’t know if it was the flu or not. Don’t much care, but it gives me extra worries with a pregnancy. Thankfully it seems that Tylenol and some safe OTC meds are helping and the symptoms are improving.

The idea of germs on the chalice doesn’t normally bother me, but I decided to refrain from receiving the Blood of Christ until at least the spring, just because I don’t want any crazy illnesses while expecting a child!

Will re-evaluate Mass tomorrow and see if I sound/feel any better. Even though it is better, I promise, I would not want to disrupt Mass and most people would not want to sit near me with the cough that I still have. :pensive:

Makes me really glad that I didn’t take my work up on the offer of a vaccine.

My sister warned me that they were rough so I decided that since I’m not in a group that it’s highly recommended for that I wouldn’t get it.

I’m sorry to hear this,we had a bad strain of flu this year in Australia,with many hospitalised with complications,and more deaths than for a number of years.Please all take care and be prompt to read up what symptoms to look out for and when you should visit the Doctor .

I didn’t get it either…I’ve had a severe reaction to vaccines so I only do them if absolutely necessary.

For a vulnerable population, 10% is still better than nothing…but for most people it’s not going to make much of a difference at all.

I’ve been waving at people instead of shaking hands for a few weeks, and don’t receive the precious Blood during the winter.
Lately I’ve been having allergic reactions to the incense, and having coughing spells as a result in church. I love the masses during holidays, but will be glad when the incense decreases.


Got my flu shot
Have been eating clementines every day
Washing my hands constantly
I can’t give away any more of my tips because it would be endorsing products
No nausea/vomiting/fevers yet

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