Bad idea to store blankets in the bathroom?


Cleanliness gurus–can you help? We’ve got a HUGE bathroom closet, most of which is empty, since it’s just the two of us so far. My hall closet is much smaller, as is our bedroom closet. So, I want to store our excess blankets in the bathroom. Am I asking for trouble? We run our exhaust fan every time we shower, so it stays fairly dry.


I did it for years when we lived in Maryland as our only linen cupboard was in the bathroom. I never had any problems at all.


I have used the plastic bags to store my extra blankets. You do have to insure they are COMPLETELY dry before you put them in there though. I usually wash & dry them, then let them sit out (folded) for a week before I put them in one of the bags. We have to store a lot of things in our attic, these plastic bags have worked great at keeping them dry and clean.


My husband recently bought the biggest Ziploc bags I’ve ever seen. They measure 60cm x 82cm. I think he got them at WalMart. If your blankets are perfectly dry to start with and you seal them completely in something like these bags, you could probably store them anywhere.


I don’t think there would be a problem as long as it’s properly ventilated. You should air them periodically.


Those bags that you suck the air out of with the vaccum are pretty amazing. I put a king sized comforter in one and it fits in the tiny space of my linen closet. The bonus is that it keeps them totally clean, air tight, and dry.

I think they are called Space Bags??? :confused:



Excellent, thanks. I’m trying to get organized (mostly succeeding :thumbsup: ) and it just seemed more logical to put them there for the summer. Thank you!!

Those space bags look amazing. We’ve got a California King bed, so all our blankets are massive. I was wondering if those worked well.


As long as the closet has a door on it I don’t think any moisture would get into the closet. Putting them in those huge ziploc bags is an excellent idea. To test for moisture before taking a shower put some newspaper on the floor just inside the closet door and close the door. Check it after you’re done and see if it appears damp or wrinkled from moisture. Keep a box of baking soda in there on the floor in the corner… will absorb some moisture and also any roaming odors.



I love them! They are really as good as they say they are at holding big items. I have one with a bunch of extra pillows in it as well.

I would, however, shy away from putting anything down or feather filled in them, it would crush and break the feathers becasue it packs them so tight.



I have tried both the Ziplock Huge bags and the ones you vacume the air out. I think they both work GREAT!!! For the cost I now only use the Ziplock ones!!!


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