Bad luck in friendships


I am unaware of the theology regarding friendships. I did read the Catechism part about it; never read St. Thomas Aquin.

Since a while, I’m running into ‘bad luck’ with my friendships.

2 recent examples:

  • I was invited today to a dinner to someone’s else place. Like 1 hour before going, I contacted the person: no answer. A few hours later, checking the person’s Facebook: the person was on a trip outside the country and was putting pictures from the plane point of view, and so on.

The trip was supposed to be for tomorrow. I could but guess they had an earlier departure.

  • Another example:

yesterday, I was supposed to go to some hiking with a group of person. The person who invited me never called me.

Today, I talked to that person and when asking why I did not get a call (for the hiking), the answer was “why ?”. Sounding like “I forgot about you”.

Results: I do have to fight against the depression, kind of, or malaise or whatever you’re calling that that resulting from the above.

I would say that putting the whole here on this forum is a way for me to express what I feel. (I will cry later ! HAHA).

Like most people, I do need to have social relationships and social activities.

Any hints are the welcome ! Thanks.

Hi there, sorry you’ve been running into flakes lately…
Here is where you can start to read about friendship…I didn’t verify that the site is solid Catholic, but I am familiar with the article and its basis. You can go from there, it will lead you to John Paul and so on to Christ.

Just speaking from personal experience, I’ve had lots of “social” type friends, they are not generally synonymous with real friends, mind you they are company. Don’t expect to meet a whole truckload of friends on this journey of life but very occasionally you might encounter them. For me they’ve not usually been the social hang-out friends but rather people who are on your side when you don’t expect it. Also remember Jesus is your friend and the Holy Spirit is your friend and advisor and God the Father is your father, recite the Lord’s prayer and think about the words. God definitely wants a relationship with you… Jesus also gave us his human Mother as our mother too and all the saints are our friends in heaven. Remember too that old saying, the best way to make good friends is to be one. Don’t worry if they’re not one back.

Thanks for the article. Will spend time carefully reading it.

Once again, sorry for my ignorance.

God bless !

:stuck_out_tongue: no apology called for…sorry if I came accross condescending, it’s one of my many flaws …if women tell me they’re about to cry, I generally start to babble…:stuck_out_tongue:

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