"Bad Moral Theologians," an Article

see catholicstand.com/bad-moral-theologians-bmts/

“These BMTs say, Yes, there are objective norms of morality expressed in the Ten Commandments or in the natural moral law. But these are suggestions, starting points, abstract principles. They have to be placed into people’s concrete lived experiences.”

“These BMTs claim that motivations and circumstances could overrule the principles and make something evil become good.”

“St. John Paul II critiqued and condemned these systems…”

Thanks for posting. Good reading for anyone that participates here. I am usually pretty good about not confusing good and evil (or making excuses for evil). Usually, my problem is focusing too much on the objective sin and missing the full knowledge and deliberate consent. This article reminds me of some priests I have had in confession that were so happy I received the sacrament it was easy to get confused that my mortal sins were only venial. Fortunately, my conscience is pretty well formed now, but I do worry sometimes for children or young people that could get confused.

I too appreciate the post. Good 'ol St. Pope John Paul II to help us out. I recently came across some errors being taught in regards to theology of the body. At first I thought the Church was condoning such errors and it really tore me up. Of course if I had gone straight to St JP II in the first place, I could have avoided the ordeal to begin with. His words are so soothing.

St John Paul, please pray for those who corrupt your teachings on TOTB.

Anyone know if you drop the ‘Pope’ part of the title after canonization?

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