Bad news for home schooling out of New Hampshire

This story just in: A New Hampshire judge has ordered a 10-year-old girl to be sent to public school because she seems too committed to her mother’s religious views and hasn’t learned to be critical enough of them. As she gets older, she needs to learn to explore new ideas, etc. This quotation from the court order is especially telling:

[quote]. . .t would be remarkable if a ten year old child who spends her school time with her mother and the vast majority of all her other time with her mother would seriously consider adopting any other religious point of view. Amanda’s vigorous defense of her religious beliefs to the counselors suggests strongly that she has not had the opportunity to seriously consider any other points of view.

Of course, do students in public school receive guidance in questioning the public school system?

Or better yet…are students taught in public schools in NH to question the judicial branch of government especially when judges take away their Constitutional and Bill of Rights/amendments freedoms…and they are usurped…???

We (the USA) have met the enemy…and it is us!

Pax Christi,

*This concerns me. :frowning: I wonder if she was practicing any other religion besides Christianity, if this would be happening. Jesus told His followers…the world will hate you, because it hated Me first. I keep seeing those Biblical words right now, whenever I read stories like this. *

I think that you are making too much out of this. This is a domestic dispute between two divorced parents about how their daughter should be educated:The case involves divorced couple Martin Kurowski and Brenda Voydatch and their 10-year-old daughter, Amanda. The couple split in 1999 when they were living in Massachusetts, and the proceedings moved to New Hampshire after Voydatch relocated to that state with her daughter in 2002.

Although Voydatch has primary custody over Amanda, both parents agreed to a parenting plan that included joint decision-making responsibility. A court-appointed guardian served as a mediator.

A source of contention between the parents has been the mother’s decision to home school Amanda since first grade. Amanda’s father believes she should be sent to public school, while the mother is adamant about home schooling. Since both parents have failed to reach common ground, the issue moved to the court.

There is already a thread about this here:

The court is adjudicating between the wishes of her father and the wishes of her mother. The parents are the primary actors in this.


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