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Thanks for posting this George. If this is Caylee’s remains, then justice can at least be served. I have been following this case closely, living in Florida now, and just want justice for the child. I’m not a proponent of the death penalty, which I think they have been talking that Casey will get if she is convicted, but I am tired of the media treating her like she is a celebrity, and her smug attitude. My dh thinks that most likely, she didn’t mean to murder her child. She liked to ‘party,’ and bought chloroform, which causes people to pass out supposedly, and probably used this on Caylee, but she died, and then Casey panicked not knowing what to do. She probably did that, so she could go off to party. How sad! I mean, he is guessing, but it makes sense, because I think they found traces of chloroform in Casey’s car trunk.

Prayers for the family, and that there will be justice for this little girl.:frowning:

:crying: This is just cruel. I hope they find out the truth

You know, I just did a google search, and the bag of remains are not being linked to Caylee. Back to square one. I firmly believe she murdered her child, but I’m not sure if she did it with intent, if that makes any sense. In following the case, just seems like an accident, that she tried to cover up with a series of incredulous lies. I still don’t believe in the death penalty, but she really doesn’t deserve to ever walk the streets in freedom, again. She is pleading not guilty supposedly.

I think she is mentally ill, really, but if she plotted a way to dispose of her daughter’s body in a way that no one can ever find her, without leaving the Orlando area, she will probably be judged harshly, because she was ‘with it’ enough to plan such a scheme.

My heart breaks for the sweet little girl who did nothing wrong to deserve this. :frowning:

I don’t believe it was an accident.

Most mothers who accidently kill their children don’t go out a few hours later arm and arm with their boyfriend to blockbuster to rent a movie, go out dancing, or get tattoos afterwards.

I know–I don’t necessarily think it is, my dh does though. She might have wanted to use the chloroform to put her child to sleep when she went to party, and the child died, and then she didn’t know what to do. Either way, I believe the child is no longer alive, and she died at the hands of her mom.

Sorry to have alarmed people. I am relieved that the remains aren’t Caylee’s.

I hope and pray she’s alive, but I’ve got a sick, sick feeling she isn’t.


Well - it looks like this time it may actually be Caylee:

Even if it is not Caylee - I certainly hope that everyone realizes and remembers that SOMEONE’S child died and was put in the bag. While there might be a slight bit of relief if it is not found to be Caylee, the baby in the bag was still just as precious.



I wonder if anyone can tell me what evidence there is that this woman killed her chlld? I havent’ been following this closely. I wonder too how she can be convicted of it is there is no evidence that her child is dead?

Some evidence for you…

Caylee went missing in mid June. Her mom (Casey) didn’t report her missing for over a month–and then only did so when her own mother called 911 and turned her in. During the month her daughter was missing, Casey partied–there are many photos of this–not normal behavior for a woman who is distraught over her daughter missing.

Casey’s car was found abandoned. Cadaver dogs hit on the car and several people said the trunk smelled like a dead body. Lab results showed that there were fluids from a dead body in the car.

A search of Casey’s computer found searches for “neck breaking” and “chloroform.”

Also, Casey has repeatedly been caught lying to the police. Again, this is not normal behavior of a well intentioned mother trying to find her child.

So in conclusion, based on the findings in the trunk of the car, and the length of time the baby was missing, it is highly likely she is dead. If the remains found are indeed Caylee Anthony, then the prosecutors shouldn’t have a hard time making a strong case against her mother, Casey.

Sad thing about cases like this is that there probably aren’t 12 literate men and women in America who haven’t heard about the case and already have opinions on it. Who’s gonna be on the jury?

Her attorney is all ready to argue this with the judge, and she hasn’t even been accused yet. :cool:


I thought Casey was charged with first-degree murder back in October? Though they did not have a body back then to prove a murder had occurred (and still may not, though I think they probably do), I guess the PA decided they had enough evidence against Casey to proceed even without the body of the little girl.

An accident may have caused Caylee’s death (I’m pretty convinced she is no longer alive), but this quote from the article would suggest otherwise IF this body is Caylee’s:

“Police sources said the skull, covered with cloth and found inside a garbage bag, still had duct tape attached to the mouth.”

Poor little Caylee. May she rest in peace.


Let us pray to the Lord.

Lord, have mercy.

O LORD, who guardest children in this life, and in the
world to come has prepared for them the amplitude of
Abraham’s bosom, and, because of their purity, radiant
angelic abodes wherein the spirits of the Righteous dwell:
Do thou, O Christ, the same Master, receive in peace the
soul of thy servant, this child, Caylee. For thou hast said, “Let
the children come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of

For unto thee are due all glory, honor and worship,
with the Father and the Holy Spirit: now and ever, and
unto ages of ages.


Could be, but I feel the mom had something to do with her death. Sadly, it was reported today that the body is that of Caylee Anthony. Prayers going out to her family. I feel so sad for that little girl. I believe that everyone deserves a fair trial, but being that the mom lied from the get go, didn’t report her child missing (her mom actually reported the child missing after one month), went partying during the time when her child was ‘missing,’ googled facts on chloroform, traces of chloroform were found in mom’s trunk, and that she concocted a tale about a mysterious nanny that never existed whom she claims she dropped Caylee off with (the woman whose name she used is suing her now for slander) …all seems to point to the mom. I just wish justice for this little girl, Caylee. :frowning:

I don’t disagree. I personally think Casey murdered her beautiful little Caylee, based on what we know and what has been revealed to the public thus far.

I’ve been following this case for months. The amount of evidence that they have against Casey is overwhelming. I’m surprised at the grandparents and how convinced they are of their daughter’s innocence. Also, I wonder who Caylee’s father is.

I lost touch with this, but caught back up over the weekend…and it seems that her parents have doubts. It would be hard to accept that not only has your grandbaby been murdered, but your daughter is the one on trial for it. I don’t imagine they think she is completely innocent, they have been reacting differently towards Casey on a number of levels. I feel for Casey to the extent that she was so disturbed that she thought taking the life of her child would somehow help her. I just want justice for Caylee. I can’t imagine how Casey’s attorney is going to present this case to a jury. Caylee literally made up a lie about where she supposedly dropped Caley off…there is no nanny. So, if they shift gears and say…well, maybe someone else killed her, it doesn’t match with the initial lie that Casey told about the nanny, Zanny (sp?) So, did you or didn’t you drop Caylee off with a nanny? If she says yes, then the defense just has such an uphill battle with that…they didn’t bank on anyone finding the body of Caylee.

Prayers go out to the family. :frowning:

Have you heard that Zanny is suing Casey? Also, at the end of this month, Zanny’s lawyer is going to do sworn depositions on Cindy, George and Lee. It will be interesting to see their answers. I have a feeling that they know more than they are saying.

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