Bad Religion (the punk band)

They have always been one of my favorites. Great music…intelligent (albeit atheist) lyrics…great musicianship and all that.

But lately, I think I should delete all their music and file it away as a phase in my life. The militant atheist point of view bugs me a great deal now. Honestly…I never gave the lyrics much thought before and they sure don’t affect me in my views.

What do you think?

I have deleted many artists and albums in the past, for penance of the sin of ‘borrowing’ it from the internet. But, never had I had the feeling to do so on the moral grounds of knowingly supporting a hostile position to our beloved faith.

There’s just some music I can’t listen to anymore.

People grow up and grow out of things.

Delete it if you are no longer listening to them.

It’s good to cultivate a sense of detachment anyway.

They performed at the atheist rally in Washington d c. There is some music I like, not by them but other bands or individuals, but because of the musicians political or religious views I can not listen to them

Bad Religions music is too repetitive in it’s style and pace.

One song is the same as the next. I say this as a real fan of punk rock and one who really doesn’t pay very much attention to the lyrics in music. Bad Religion’s music is just kind of boring IMO.

Yes…good point. There is a little variety, but you have to dig for it.

The Ramones are even worse is this area. Un-listenable to my ears even though I’m supposed to love them. Everyone else seems to…:shrug:

I think deleting the music would be a good practice of detachment. I used to be really into blink-182, but as I started deepening in my conversion, I was beginning to be appalled by how crude they were. I sold a lot of my stuff related to them or got rid of it. I’ll be honest, I still kept a few cds for sentimental reasons, but I never listen to them. They simply sit on my shelf representing a phase in my life, as you said.

I think it makes sense to avoid things that are anti-Christian.
I, for example, love the voice and music of Glenn Danzig but have never owned his albums because of his beliefs. Listening to him would feel really weird and wrong. I vote you get rid of Bad Religion and listen to things that are not offensive to your faith, even if they are not necessarily Christian. (I love the Ramones BTW :wink:

I stood in line for hours outside a club in the rain to see the Misfits and Danzig cancelled! D-BAG.

Husker Du was 100 times better than the Ramones :smiley:

I’ve had similar feelings and experiences as the OP. I have been a long-time fan of various music, including a lot of the old-school alternative bands before alternative went “mainstream.” Ditto for metal when it had diverged into hair bands and the more “hardcore” metal. I would hate to see how much money I sunk into my music collection… But, truthfully, it got hard to listen to a lot of stuff when it clashes with my beliefs as I got older, no matter the quality and originality of the music. Many of the groups have members who lead hedonistic lifestyles and hold anti-Christ attitudes, meaning there’s not a lot to be learned from them (one exception was probably Peter Steele who returned to Catholicism after decades of atheism).

In recent years, I spend a lot of time listening to ambient/downtempo music, classic jazz, Gregorian chant, and Renaissance-period music. If there’s no words, it’s less likely to be a problem. :slight_smile:

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