Bad State Decisions about Nursing Homes Are Heavily Driving the Coronavirus

In NYC, the only place where his popularity matters…

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But where do you place them?

There are very few Covid19-dedicated convalescent facilities.

NY is the place where it truly matters.
Florida and Georgia are seeing the start of spikes in hospitalizations.
It has been 8 days or so since they reopened, the length of time it takes for infection to manifest and become a reason to hospitalize.
Right on schedule.

There was a naval hospital ship that could have taken them in.

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There were some available facilities, but not enough for all the need

@Maximus1 to Annie . . . .

Florida and Georgia are seeing the start of spikes in hospitalizations.
It has been 8 days or so since they reopened, the length of time it takes for infection to manifest and become a reason to hospitalize.
Right on schedule.

This is a partial-truth Annie and I have already showed that to Maximus1 here.

In all fairness to Maximus1, both his posts were 4 hours ago, so he may not have read the below before responding to you.

Here is what is REALLY happening (from a prior post of mine here) . . . .

No we’re not. At least not in statistically significant numbers.

From Breitbart News . . .

. . . Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said there has been no spike in coronavirus cases in the states that are reopening.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “Let me ask you, this is intrigue to me because some states have been reopening despite warnings of dire consequences from health experts, states like Georgia and Colorado began reopening weeks ago, and it seems at least so far that we have not seen a dramatic spike in new cases from those two states, Georgia and Colorado. What have you seen from those states? Is there any cause for concern that they reopened early? Is it still too early to tell? Or are they taking measures such as social distancing and masks that make this reopening work?”

Azar said, “Jake, I think your question is very insightful. We are seeing that in areas that are opening, we’re not seeing the spike in cases. We still see spikes in some areas that are, in fact, closed, very localized situations. . . .

Bold mine.


“Georgia and Colorado began reopening weeks ago”

Not “about 8 days” ago.

Here are not only infection numbers, but hospitalization and death numbers as well.

May 17: New Cases and New Hospitalizations Charts

By Staff

Admittedly this may change, but at least as far as Florida and Georgia, so far, there has been nothing statistically significant either way.

Texas has been loosening their lockdown.
Texas is also ramping up testing.
More people tested is going to show more positives . . .
that before were “flying under the radar”.

Texas reported 1300 new cases today.

Illinois who is NOT opening up,
had about 4000 new cases reported today!

You can see that here.

Hope this helps.

No, that is not true, the ship wasn’t even close to being full.

And quite frankly, I’m aghast that you think the only place available to them were nursing homes full of vulnerable elderly sick people!


Was the ship large enough to House every person who needed Covid19 convalescent care?

I don’t know if you’re in the healthcare industry . But there seems to be this idea among non-medical people that there is this endless supply of beds and drugs and supplies and trained personnel standing ready at a moments notice.
This pandemic has been a massive wake up call for a great many people.

There were articles at the time saying the two facilities were practically empty.


Fair enough, but here’s the thing—that was a limited amount of beds in a limited geographical area.
Which is all well and good, and please understand, I totally agree they were under-utilized.
But I’ve been following this pandemic from the nursing home perspective through out the country. And I can tell you that a lot of facilities are making very hard choices.
Hospitals aren’t there to make people “get better”. They’re there to stabilize you and transfer you to a facility where you can convalesce.
Nursing homes are the places people go when they’re too healthy for the hospital and too sick for home.
So, there was a sudden surge of these people in-between and literally no place or not enough places to put them.
Some nursing homes tried to make dedicated Covid19 floors and did quite well.
Others simply weren’t built in a way that you could shut off a wing.
Then you had patients who got sick in a nursing home, got sent to the hospital to get stabilized—where were they to go? Do you keep somebody from going back to what is essentially their home?
And some of the nursing home residents got sick while in their nursing home.

Look, I could regale you with nursing home horror stories all day. This Covid19 thing is beginning to wake folks up to some of the problems in our Long Term Care system.

But the problems are way more wide and deep than placement of Covid19 patients.


Yes. Even if they didn’t get sick with covid. Transportation to and from the hospital in ambulance. Contact in the ER. Waiting in the ER triage would have put them at risk.

My mother passed away in a nursing home. She had Alzheimer’s. Thankfully her death happened quickly. We were told that transfer to hospital might not have been possible. It would have included a possibility of not being admitted. An ambulance trip could have exposed her, and her roommate.


It’s up to the patient, that’s why there are DNRS and Full Codes. I think most people especially the sick frail elderly want to just die peacefully, respectfully, comfortably and not in pain but that’s not to say some believe strongly in medicine and science and are willing to try every medical live saving measure, if safe to do so. At lot of times you may have an elderly person fall and break their hip and because they are so weak there is nothing a Dr can do for them (they would die on a surgery table), and from the fall they may recover on their own or could die from the fall.

Seems like this should have been an essential part of each state’s response. If a hospital isn’t the place to convalesce then a dedicated field hospital or nursing facility would be the obvious requirement in a pandemic, not mixing them with general population maybe with a curtain divider.


What did Obama’s Pandemic guidelines say about it?

I read articles pertaining to this and the policy was put in place on the 25th of March, i.e., there was no lack of beds then nor is there now.

They did not have to put them in nursing homes.

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There were several areas, maybe a lot, where the states appropriated college dorms where the students were forced to move all their belongings out in order to make space for Covid-19 patients in preparation for the hospital overload that never came. Some of these dorms could have been suitable for elder care. I know college dorms were taken over in some counties in California according to my relatives there. I know they talked about doing that at the colleges in my state. They could have taken over motels as they did in WA. There were alternatives to these governors’ draconian orders.

Cuomo may have met his Chappaquiddick. That one mistake he will never be allowed to live down. He can still win reelection as Governor. Maybe even move to the US Senate. But as a vice presidential candidate this year or future presidential candidate? He is in all likelihood done on the national front. There was just no excuse for this, period. As with Ted Kennedy, Cuomo is going to find the national campaign trail rather unsympathetic.

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Do you have a link?

Everything that I have read shows a spike in cases, probably due to increased testing.

But NOT a spike in hospitalizations.

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But we should not do is allow anything to artificially hasten their death. Unnecessarily purposefully exposing them to a deadly virus is wrong. Just because someone is elderly does not mean they don’t have life yet to live or purpose in this world. Would you purposefully expose infants to the virus because they are young and haven’t lived much of life yet so they won’t miss anything?


Why? The NYC and NJ outbreak happened because Trump put off closing airports in the Northeast for 2-3 weeks. His CDC told him to and he didn’t.

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